Aliases given to protect the innocent & mock the guilty. HA. …or more so because their “given” names just don’t embody WHO they really are. Most have yet to be mentioned as I write this…but they will be….and more will definitely be added soon….


» BNaz ~ The youngest member in a neighborhood group we called the PWP [Community Name Posse]. She’s a hoot and holy moly, when she’s throwing back the cocktails, have your cameras ready and know she’ll remember nada mañana. She is BIG fun and a fabulous partner in crime.

» Dewman ~ My older brother. He lives across the state with his wife and my favorite niece & nephew (the fact they are my ONLY n&n is irrelevant.)

» Dr. D ~ The ex. The D stands for Douche, Delusional, Donkey, insert appropriate “D” adjective/noun here. And yes, he holds a Ph.D in it. (I wish this were NOT the case, however, it is what it is & powdered sugar on poo…is still poo. Let’s not kid ourselves.)

» LeBlon ~ (short for Lebanese Blonde & not the Cachaça…though her & I should have a Caipirinha Night the next time we hang.) She’s a kick-ass girl that I grew close to after she moved away. (go figure) We have BIG aspirations of dreaming up something, retiring, then eating & drinking our way around the world. When together, we go home when the sun comes up. Our motto: “We can sleep when we’re dead.”

» Munkees/Herd ~ Names I affectionately use to refer to my kiddos. (Punks, Boo & Mouse, individually)

» Rents ~ None other than the parental unit.

» Romeo ~ A dear old friend, turned husband, from middle/high school that pushes all the right buttons, mentally & physically. Yeah, he’s MINE FOREVER! ❤

» Rosco ~ My younger [much taller] brother. I cannot refer to him as “little”…it’s just not right. We were huge fans of the Dukes of Hazzard and well, the nickname stuck.

» T ~ My Canadian Maritime sister. Met her in 2006 and sharing an affinity for Indie music (among other things), we’ve been vin et chocolat ever since. She is a gem and I only wish she lived closer to me.


3 Responses

  1. What about the famed and beloved BNasty??

  2. She’s “coming soon”. 😀 I need to really think about her Bio. Ha!

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