Random Acts of Kindness


Standing in the hair accessory aisle at Target, two young gentlemen walk up and hand us a $20 gift card for no reason at all. Apparently, they aren’t regular shoppers, they just didn’t need anything at the time, or were on a mission of generous intent. Whatever the reason, it was kind. It was random. It was appreciated.

I’ll definitely be paying it forward…


Two Months?

Holy Cannoli…it’s been TWO WHOLE months since my last post! It should be a crime in the Blog World. Where have I been? I have been distracted. And I’ve been in a bit of a funk. (which I am still in…)

I am usually always “UP”. I have a unique ability to find the positive in just about everything. That’s not changed, I’m just disappointed in where I am at this juncture in life. I’m “together”, yet a mess…  Cryptic, I know.

I have also met a boy. This boy has completely knocked me on my arse. Of course, in true Savored Life fashion, it’s gotta be complicated….it can’t just *BE*. At least now the man is local. (This is a first.) I am just gonna say it plain and simple: It sucks (major big time) when you are face to face with someone that you believe is PERFECT for you, and for some reason…you’re not together. I don’t even want to talk about it, because it requires thinking. I am NOT a thinker ~ I am a feeler…through and through. I can only know that everything happens for a reason…and well…whatever the H, E, double Hockey Sticks it is…I will find out. Patience is NOT my Virtue.

Methinks getting back to writing will distract me from my distraction…

I cannot even write “pretty” today….

Men. And their stupid boy penises

How much more random can I be?

On an entirely different note:

Happy 4th of July!!