Oh, How Embarrassing…

First, let me thank the wonderful, super Ms. Single Mama (MSM) for the “plug” for my blog! Muchas Gracias, mi amiga! Next, I must hang my head in blog shame for letting yet another month pass by without an entry. Wow, I’m a deadbeat mommy blogger. I’m utterly embarrassed. *sigh*

But, hey…here I am, totally trying to redeem myself!

I also (finally) ordered my New Leaf Necklace via MSM and I cannot wait to get it. Truth be told, I have been meaning to purchase one since she first introduced them. Being the procrastinator I am, I of course had to wait until she posted the “memo” half an hour ago that there were only 20 left (possibly EVER). I was *not* going to miss out on this beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry!

Anyhoo, welcome to my blog and a little piece of my wild and crazy, 3 munkee enriched, savored life!

I shall leave you with my all-time favorite band’s newest tune…

Love is the Road ~ Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers


Mom to Mush

Greetings from the Munkee Exhibit.

It never fails; within 30 minutes of crossing the threshold, the entire downstairs living area has fallen victim to not one, but three “Natural Disasters”. It never ceases to amaze me just how much dishevelment these little people can create in such a brief amount of time. (Now this should be an Olympic Event!) A mélange of books, clothing, toys, crayons, etc. are what appeared to be the new floor covering. [Remember: Disorder causes anxiety in me.] This fact is ironic, as I was quite possibly the messiest child alive growing up. My bedroom was the epitome of my current worst nightmare (in regard to the home that is). My mother was beside herself…constantly. My perspective was that I loved my snafu…like a pig in a sty. Payback. So…it’s at times like this, I must reflect back to those days…. inhale deeply…exhale slowly. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. It is when my heart-rate returns to that of a rational human being, Operation: Clean~Up [O:CU] commences.

Today, we were drawing to a close, our time between homework and dinner ~ aka: WrestleMania Free Play. It was time for O:CU. No child of mine wanted any part of said procedure and my request fell on deaf ears. I could feel my temperature starting to rise, when Bubs starts laughing, informing me there’s a note on my back. Mouse joins in on the snicker. Punks:absent. What is he talking about? I dart to the washroom (for you, T), expecting to discover a “Kick Me” sign attached to my posterior.

The affixed post-it read: