Not So Much…Cope.

“Not so much” seems to be my answer as of late in regard to whether or not I want to be in a relationship right now. (A definite shift in my thinking from a month ago.) I am unequivocally *savoring* and embracing my single status and focusing on myself, my munkees and simply enjoying life as I know it: Sans Man.

I am still conversing with Nash (formerly NashVegas), The Linguist and [newbie on the scene] Riley, but have them idling at cohort rank. Which isn’t difficult considering that two of them live multiple states away. (I have a knack at finding these…) Newbie: Riley was recently visiting the Sunshine State (and wow…has it been absolutely gorgeous here) and we spent nearly 24 hours together, getting into shenanigans down in South Beach. While talking, he hit the nail on the head in respect to me (and a possible relationship):

You don’t NEED me. You are completely independent.

Apparently this makes me an anomaly to the men I have been meeting, because they ALL have said the same thing. This makes me smile…as in BIG, toothy grin smile.

That’s the latest on the “manfront”.

Munkees are fabulous. Growing like weeds and far too smart for their own britches. I am perpetually left jaw agape at more than half of what comes out of those little mouths….I wish I could remember what Bubs said at the dinner table tonight, it was a *blink* / hold onto the table so I don’t fall out of my chair moment. (I knew I should of written it down right then and there…<sigh>)

And in other News:

Here’s who I’ll be feasting my ears upon this friday night: Woo to the Hoo!


MondayNESS ~ 12/8/08

Smile Like You Mean It ~ The Killers

MondayNESS ~ 12/1/08

Welcome, December. NOW we can start to get into the Christmas spirit!! 😀 My favorite Wintertime song…

Baby It’s Cold Outside ~ James Taylor & Natalie Cole

Girls That Play Guitars…

I now have myself a cheap, crappy my very own guitar. It was a gift. It was Free. I am thankful & grateful. That’s right, I am ready to learn how to play one of these once and for all! (And then I can cross another item off my Bucket List.) Funny, Dr. D played, and he played well (I can say something positive about him)…however, he was a HORRIBLE teacher …hence I had NO desire to be taught by him..(I suppose this voids my “nice” comment. Oh well.) Through it all, I was able to play “Black” by Pearl Jam at one point…but that is sadly PAST tense.

Anyhoo, I take my [dirty, missing a peg, old stringed, out of tune] guitar to the local music shop where I meet Rock Boy. He locates a replacement peg, picks out strings, cleans, restrings & tunes my new instrument. All the while, he is chatting away, one random narrative after another. Midway through a story, he blurts out “Are you German?” A little confused, I reply. “Part. My heritage is German and Dutch.” He then says, “Woah, you girls take good care of your men. I don’t know if I can talk to you anymore.” I laugh. It’s then obvious he’s flirting with me and has become flustered, which makes me laugh even more. Now, I have a weakness for guitar playing boys as it is…and here’s Rock Boy (RB), cute (in a long-haired, rings on fingers, Affliction t-shirt, skull belt buckle kind of way), albeit young(er), trying to work some charm on me. I can’t help but smile. I decide to spray my “man repellent” aka: “I have three kids” line to watch him squirm. Nope. RB loves kids. He thinks it is “awesome” and proceeds to inquire about my munkees and to also inform me how his EX-girlfriend had a daughter, whom he ended up liking [quite a bit] more than her. An hour and a half later, I am paying and with my receipt, RB writes down & gives me his phone number and says if I have ANY questions about guitars, etc. to give him a call. He then requests mine, and being a single person who just so happens to be in need of lessons…I did. Why not?

I happily take my crappy now handsome guitar, I have affectionately named “Leo”, home.


11PM last night, my phone vibrates with a text from RB and this is how it goes:

(this verbiage)=not part of actual text.

RB: Hey knucklehead. I think it was fun to talk with you today. Ur either one of the coolest people I’ve met or a total weirdo. I can’t tell. probably a little of both?”

Me: Haha. I am the coolest I can assure you! @ <local watering hole> (Ever so humble in my drunken state)

Me again: lessons? (No beating around the bush with me)

RB: Been busy lately recording my band’s CD, but I think you might be fun to chill with. So, if you don’t act like a weirdo, we can get together & I’ll get ya started out playing. (I don’t recall giving off weirdo vibes..??)

Me: Weirdo? How am I a weirdo? (I’m confused. whatever…)

This morning he sent a text that was essentially a “Weirdo Recant”. Hmmm…the youth today…HA!

I, this morning…was in a haze. Oy, it’s much harder to recuperate the older I get….and this havering of a blog is a testimony to that!

Can someone say: Disco Nap? 😀

MondayNESS ~ 11/24/08

Babylon ~ David Gray

MondayNESS ~ 11/17/08

Celebration ~ Kool & The Gang

MondayNESS ~ 11/10/08

These Are Days ~ 10,000 Maniacs