The Merry Monkey

I admit it. I’m a nerd. A complete geek of epic proportion. I’m comfortable with that. I’d even go so far to say…I’m PROUD of this fact.

Enter Christmastime.

Every year, I break out the Advent Calendar and stock it full of goodies for the Munkees. This year, I wanted to introduce something to step-it-up a bit.

The whole Elf on the Shelf idea was enticing, but too mainstream for me. I wanted something similar, yet different.

Enter Brainstorm Session.

I’m a big fan of up-cycling. I knew there had to be something in the house I could transform. Off to the kids’ closets I went. Eureka! A stuffed monkey (one of 3) that was gifted to “me” upon the birth of Mouse. Dressed in a cutesy getup with a toy felt car sewn to its hand, I had been contemplating, and obviously with delay, passing them along to a new home. “Merry Monkey” flashes before me.

Enter Felt, Scrap Fabric, Jingly Bells & Sewing Kit.

90-ish minutes later, meet The Merry Monkey. Like Elf on the Shelf, only different.


And then, Romeo and I hid him…


Good Stuff

Kids rock.

Kid’s ARTWORK totally rocks.

I mean…what is NOT to LOVE about this?


Artist: Mouse  (Age 3)

Artist: Mouse (Age 3)

“This is you mommy, laying on the beach.”

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

baseballFinally. My oldest two munkees have started organized sports and first up is baseball. I had tried several times over the past couple of years to get them involved in something, with no committed interest. Well, No more! Punks and Bubs are official members of a baseball team! Woo Hoo…Go Munkees!

I requested they be placed on the same team (making it easier all around for practices and games and my request was granted.) Their first game was last night and they made this momma proud…not to mention, they are absolutely LOVING it! It is Dr. D’s weekend, so I met him up there. We went out for pizza and then ice cream afterward….civilly (perhaps there is hope for amicable co-parenting.)

The munkees love it when we can all get together and “get along”. That’s ALL I want….to be a united front FOR the wee people. It’s difficult though when Continue reading

The Munkees are WILD

My children, my angels, the fruit of my loins, have been maniacal lately. Enough to make me ponder my decision to be a parent. ::yellow page scan for Adoption Agencies:: (Anyone have Angelina & Brad’s number?) Goodness gracious…for serious! I am ready to pull my hair out. Constant bickering, complete disregard of any of my requests, whining, temper tantrums, backtalk…yikes. “Hello? Santa is watching, you know!” (I could save some serious cash this year proving a point: Ooops…yep…you were NAUGHTY, I told you…) The Munkees are pushing mommy over the edge…

While they sleep and as I write this, I am aware of the root of this behavior. When Dr. D. and I split, Punks was 5, Bubs 3 and Mouse 1. Young, not fully aware of what was going on, they bounced back and forth between us like pinballs. My home has been the stable one: One job, no ill-mention of the other parent, adult-issues (finances, stress, etc.) NOT spoken of in munkee presence, casual romance out of sight, daily affection, book-reading, etc. Dad’s house: plenary opposite. A train wreck for me. 2.5 years later, I am constantly “reprogramming” my munchkins.

Dr. D. is engaged. His fiancé has a 4-year old. Their relationship is unhealthy. (shocker.) The kids tell me and even SHE has told me how they argue…yet, she still wants to marry him? (Her background is a grim one…and let’s just say that this is another prime example of how insecurity/low self-esteem is a curse.) The upside: they have set their wedding date for next November, and a lot could happen between now and then. I left this relationship to spare myself and my children from a life of turmoil and [mostly verbal & emotional] abuse, yet here it is, HALF of their life again. It breaks my heart. It is this reason that I wish I were one of the single moms, whose father of her children, just walked away…

My children are acting out. They are aping the behavior they see; and while at times I feel like throwing in the towel because THIS is what I LEFT, I know these are the times I must fight the hardest. Survivor: Outwit. Outsmart. Outplay. Unfortunately for me, the court system in my county SUCKS. And when I say it sucks…it’s “*blink* are you kidding me? sucks.” ie: I always thought it was illegal and you got in *legal* trouble if you purger yourself under oath. ummm…not here. You can LIE. LIE. LIE. and wow…get away with it. *blink* *blink*

Ugh, enough about D.D. It makes my stomach churn. It’s midnight. I’m heading upstairs to snuggle with my wild munkees.

My Natural Disasters

Aahhhh….my munkees: Love them; Loathe the mess. Mommy needs to reevaluate chores. The reins must be tightened just a bit for the sake of mommy’s sanity. ::sigh::

On a completely different subject: Bubby has a loose tooth! His first one. Punks has two. I can’t wait to make a Tooth Fairy Flight Path

Back to cleaning…

Mom to Mush

Greetings from the Munkee Exhibit.

It never fails; within 30 minutes of crossing the threshold, the entire downstairs living area has fallen victim to not one, but three “Natural Disasters”. It never ceases to amaze me just how much dishevelment these little people can create in such a brief amount of time. (Now this should be an Olympic Event!) A mélange of books, clothing, toys, crayons, etc. are what appeared to be the new floor covering. [Remember: Disorder causes anxiety in me.] This fact is ironic, as I was quite possibly the messiest child alive growing up. My bedroom was the epitome of my current worst nightmare (in regard to the home that is). My mother was beside herself…constantly. My perspective was that I loved my snafu…like a pig in a sty. Payback. So…it’s at times like this, I must reflect back to those days…. inhale deeply…exhale slowly. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. It is when my heart-rate returns to that of a rational human being, Operation: Clean~Up [O:CU] commences.

Today, we were drawing to a close, our time between homework and dinner ~ aka: WrestleMania Free Play. It was time for O:CU. No child of mine wanted any part of said procedure and my request fell on deaf ears. I could feel my temperature starting to rise, when Bubs starts laughing, informing me there’s a note on my back. Mouse joins in on the snicker. Punks:absent. What is he talking about? I dart to the washroom (for you, T), expecting to discover a “Kick Me” sign attached to my posterior.

The affixed post-it read:


I bethink the days when my munkees were wee little ones…..swaddled, bundles of love, wholly dependent on me; When I could remain for hours, cradling them in my arms, gently stroking their heads and just watch them sleep. Miracles. Children are incredible miracles. These were blissful moments in time. Now, with the hustle and bustle of my single-parent life; amongst school, sibling rivalry, breakfasts, lunches & dinners, homework, school functions, extracurriculars, cleaning, work & everything else…these junctures aren’t as prevalent. Certainly the fact that they are 3, 5 & 7 and “big kids” now, plays a considerable role. However, at 7:30pm (the weeknights with me), we slow the gears, snuggle for story~time; and when they’ve drifted off to the Land of Nod, these moments are reclaimed.

Today, I took a siesta with Mouse. I held her in my arms as I did when she was an infant and stroked her hair until she fell fast asleep. Wow. Being a parent ROCKS!