You Lost It? I Found It!

I’m speaking of weight. Good god, my clothes are tight…the ones that STILL fit that is! I refuse to buy “fat clothes”. YIKES! Ok, I’m NOT fat…but I am not in the shape I was just months ago.

Three dominant culprits:

→ Late Night Binging (fare & spirits)

→ Stress

Desk Chair Potato. [much] Less Exercise

Now any of these by themselves would not pose so much of an issue, however, ALL three in conjunction: “Savored Life, we have a problem.”

triathlon123INTERVENTION! Oh yes, to combat this new found mass, I have committed myself to a Sprint Triathlon to commence in the Spring 2009. That’s right! I am going to Swim (1/4 mile ocean), Bike (10 miles) & Run (3.1 miles) it back to whatever subterranean chasm of purgatory it came from! Not to mention, I am & have been changing other recently ill~formed habits back to healthy ones! Yay!! In all seriousness, I have been meaning to complete a triathlon for more than a decade! I had even signed up for a couple over the past few years…never to follow through. This one will be different. I have training in MULTIPLE. Accountability and motivation at its finest.

On an entirely different note: I have three “starving” munkees and a beautiful day beyond these walls to be wholly enjoyed with them, so I am signing off.

Until next time…


Pulling Teeth

School. The dreaded 6 letter word to my 5 year-old. Just the mention of it sends my little man into a full-fledged melt-down. The whining, crying and absolute refusal to cooperate are in brute force. The sweet little boy that woke up cheery and loving , has morphed into this rebellious monster…and this is the SECOND week of Kindergarten! From ten minutes after waking, it’s a struggle getting him dressed to out the door. Now, somewhere between buckling his seatbelt and the closing of the garage door, a magical transformation ensues and all is right in his universe again….bizarre.


Motivation. Motivation to clean has been severely lacking in my world these days. There was a time, in the not so distant past, that I was an OCD cleaning fiend. Perhaps I realized that in the Grande Scheme of things, an immaculate home was not priority one….however, it creates anxiety within me. I can honestly say that I am not an easily stressed or anxious person, but disorder in my dwelling knocks me off even keel. Somehow, as of late though, it’s NOT been enough to get me in gear… Not until the kids are at Dr. D’s, do I transform this place to the pristine pad that makes my brain smile….