Not So Much…Cope.

“Not so much” seems to be my answer as of late in regard to whether or not I want to be in a relationship right now. (A definite shift in my thinking from a month ago.) I am unequivocally *savoring* and embracing my single status and focusing on myself, my munkees and simply enjoying life as I know it: Sans Man.

I am still conversing with Nash (formerly NashVegas), The Linguist and [newbie on the scene] Riley, but have them idling at cohort rank. Which isn’t difficult considering that two of them live multiple states away. (I have a knack at finding these…) Newbie: Riley was recently visiting the Sunshine State (and wow…has it been absolutely gorgeous here) and we spent nearly 24 hours together, getting into shenanigans down in South Beach. While talking, he hit the nail on the head in respect to me (and a possible relationship):

You don’t NEED me. You are completely independent.

Apparently this makes me an anomaly to the men I have been meeting, because they ALL have said the same thing. This makes me smile…as in BIG, toothy grin smile.

That’s the latest on the “manfront”.

Munkees are fabulous. Growing like weeds and far too smart for their own britches. I am perpetually left jaw agape at more than half of what comes out of those little mouths….I wish I could remember what Bubs said at the dinner table tonight, it was a *blink* / hold onto the table so I don’t fall out of my chair moment. (I knew I should of written it down right then and there…<sigh>)

And in other News:

Here’s who I’ll be feasting my ears upon this friday night: Woo to the Hoo!


Funny How That Happens….

I just wrote about not having any definite plans to see NashVegas, and 5 minutes ago he called & informed me he’ll be here within the next three weeks….to…see….Me.

I’m convinced, men can “smell” any and all “competition”….

Feast or Famine.

Flood or Drought.

The story of my dating life…

Thanksgiving. Men. Illness.


This holiday was a mixed bag. I had grandiose plans of whipping up a divine feast to feed royalty. The Rents and Rosco were in town, along with their respective animals and I had the Munkees. However, as of wednesday afternoon, all but one of us (lucky Rosco) were “under the weather”. Fabulous. Sicklings ~ aplenty.  Suddenly, slaving behind the stove for hours, eating for 12 minutes, and then spending another 2 hours cleaning was NOT an option. We piled into the car & proceeded to Cracker Barrel. What a brilliant idea: 7 full bellies, 45 minutes, and $50 later, we were back home and free to do whatever we liked. It was a great day, minus the germ infestation. The “mixed bag” was Black Friday. Hannah (the Rents’ puppers) had been having seizures for the past few months and she had 2 in a row friday morning (while on Phenobarbital). Long story short, she was put down. It was a heavyhearted day indeed.


Let me just say: Where are all the suitable [for me] ones???  Seriously, I attract all the married, gay, juvenile, weird and overall unavailable guys. Oy. It’s not that I’m really looking, but c’mon, if it’s gonna rain men, drop down a few viable options! Sheeesh.


This is a joke. I have been sick for 5 (FIVE!!) days now. This is absurd. What gives? I rarely ever get sick…and if I “do” it’s a couple hour thing…not five damn days! I’m going to the beach. The salt air is going to kick these germs to the curb once and for all. I’m convinced. Man, I LOVE Florida.

It’s Raining Men…

Feast or Famine is right. Just when I decide that I’m going on a “Man Sabbatical”….4 more fall into my lap!


One is from 17 years ago that is convinced we reconnected on facebook because we are soulmates. He wanted to fly me to Atlanta this past weekend to catch up & already has me moving out west! Ummm…slow down, mister!

Two is a pilot that lives a little bit south of me…who is FROM the town I currently reside. He’s super cute, yet not REALLY my type and I’m trying to stay away from that.

Three is a guy that I met randomly that I ended up having a few glasses of vino with. He lives across the state and is in the process of becoming a single parent himself.

Four is 5 years my junior and I met him about a week back while throwing back a few cocktails with fellow peeps at a Halloween Block Party.

Still crushing on Romeo…of course the completely unavailable guy, so it’s rather difficult to seriously consider any of these chaps. Oh…the single life. I’m a bit OVER it.

Red Wine & Whisky

It’s my weekend with the munkees and I had conceded to a quiet friday night of reading blogs & cleaning house (oooooh…the recipe for Ultimate Excitement). HA. Well, so much for what I thought…come 11:25pm

(several texts combined & tweaked for interest’s sake)

LJ: “whatcha doin chica?”

Me: “trying to clean.”

LJ: “yeah sure, what? the computer screen? haha”

Me: “No Bioootch, my kitchen. Come over? Wine?”

LJ: “I’ll get some. red or white?”

Me: “whatever”

LJ: “K. see you soon”

Roughly 40 minutes later, LJ graces my kitchen toting a brown paper bag concealing the bottle of Clos Du Bois Merlot the bartender at our frequent watering hole has generously gifted to her/us. Continue reading