Eighteen and One

Eighteen Roses.

Seventeen Pink. One Red.

Together: 18 months. Married: 1 one.

Happiest. Girl. Ever.

Truly. SAVORED. Life.








As Good As It Gets…

May it only get *better* for them...

Considering I was still a little bitter about the entire NYE “ordeal” (sheeesh, I’m a baby), I decided I was going to return to aforementioned hotel, sit before the blazing fire, under the (still appearing) full moon and celebrate midnight again. Redux! I phoned a friend and off we went. We polished off a bottle of cabernet at the bar and purchased another to enjoy on the veranda. Down by the fire, there was an adorable couple sipping wine as well. We sat across from them and I could see through the flames they were glowing. Now, not just glowing from the fire dancing before them, but glowing because the woman kept outstretching her left hand, and admiring the glistening rock perched upon her ring finger. Smiling, kissyface, hand-holding, etc. It was sweet to witness. At this time, my friend (recently divorced) leans over and whispers in my ear (as if speaking to them), “Enjoy this now, because this is the best it will ever be. This is as good as it gets.” I laughed, then thought, “Is that true?” I looked back to my engagements and remembered how I felt… and you know, they were definitely one of the highest points of the relationships. But, I’m not convinced, nor that jaded. At least I hope not. At midnight, we toasted and swallowed the rest of our wine. I’m happy now. Happy New Year! (all “happy facade” aside!)