Can You Say “Distraction”?

This must be my 5th or 6th attempt at writing a blog recently. (seriously…I have the unpublished fragments to prove it..). Right now, I am forcing myself to write as I have a million other “projects” going on simultaneously. (Perhaps a million is a bit of an exaggeration.) It’s certainly NOT that I don’t have enough to write about, I just cannot seem to focus. (IM and facebook chat certainly don’t help…as I’m being “beeped” and “chimed” as I sit here…)

::trying to ignore conversations:: (one of them BEING LeBlon!)

I must give some Link Love to LeBlon as she has finally joined the blogging bandwagon! Yay!!!

I give up. Maybe I’ll try again later…  ;O)



Sometimes, I could swear I am the most distracted person alive. LeBlon knows this ever so well about me and posted this on my facebook wall:

I love LeBlon.

Font Whore

Last week, while blog~hopping, I stumble upon Kevin & Amanda’s Scrapbook Fonts via Posh Mama by way of LittleMansMom. (Thank you!) I’m quite sure I downloaded 90% of these suckers! Naturally, my old fonts are now rather boring and delete~worthy. Later on, LeBlon and I are IMing and I thought I’d share my discovery with her. Before I can even enter the URL, the hooker IMMEDIATELY sends me a link to! “GREAT!” (a LeBlon frequent word), another site to spend ALL of my “spare” time & hard drive storage on…