So Much

So much is going on in and around me, it’s difficult to choose a specific place in which to begin. Quite honestly, I only want to write about one thing: Romeo & Co. (our family). But then again, I really don’t. It’s just one of those days weeks months years where inspiration saturates me, yet I cannot put it to paper. It borderlines sacrilegious! I want to document this.

2011 has been a chaotic dichotomy of Heaven and Hell ~ and it’s only the first week of June. ::sigh:: And while pain (and nearly every other negative emotion) has played a significant role during this time, it’s JOY that triumphs. JOY!!

How can this be? Easy. Love based in Friendship.

I cannot emphasize how incredibly AWESOME it is to be in love with your best friend. It’s weird to me. Perhaps more appropriate: it’s foreign to me. (At least in the form of reciprocity. ) Friendship. True Friendship. The friendship that is self sacrificial, supportive and kind.

What reigns in our relationship? Respect. Trust. Truth. Transparency.

In the face of adversity and in the heart of disappointment, Romeo and I bond more closely together. When the easier option is to walk away, we outstretch our hands and clasp tight.

Partnership. Friendship. Love. So Much Love.

“To love a person is to learn the song in their heart and to sing it to them when they have forgotten.” ~ Thomas Chandler

“It is only in winter that the pine and cyprus are known to be evergreen.” ~ Confucius

“If it weren’t for sorrow and bad times, every day would be Christmas.” ~ Lithuaniun proverb

Romeo and I have been together 15 months now…</p


One Year

Today, Romeo and I celebrate one year together. One WHOLE year! We laugh, because on one hand the past 365 days have whisked by, yet feel like we’ve been together forever on the other.

My heart is bursting at the seams. I am, by all accounts, Crazy. In. Love. As giddy today as one year ago, one would mistake us for teenage love puppies based on behavior alone… and have zero shame about it here in year 36.

True Love based on True Friendship. It’s all give and take…emphasis on “GIVE”.

So yeah, ONE YEAR!  WooHoo!


I love you, Romeo. xo

The One


Funny. It’s all quite a twisted turn of events that I can attribute only to fate. The world works in wild and mysterious ways and I’m ecstatic to be a product of this very cliché.

So yes, two years after my furlough out West, I’m essentially the happiest housewife that has ever lived. (minus the married part.)

There are a plethora of aspects to touch upon, yet my mind is vacillating on where to begin…

Being a single mom in the dating pool was enchanting…for one hot minute. The allure of the freedom to choose a partner quickly transformed into the arduous task of weeding through the available, or more congruous in my case-unavailable, men. Accepting not one, but THREE little Munkees proved to be a somewhat daunting task, coupled with geographic restrictions…oh, and if the above wasn’t an issue…not being a complete weirdo was. *sigh*

Alas, those days have come to an end. Woo to da Hoo! As of March 2010, this single mama is single no more. {insert Romeo here.}

Romeo: Unavailable boy that lived in California.
Romeo: Childless man with *zero* interest in being a parent.
Romeo: Available boy that loves me, the Munkees and is the most amazing stepparent I could ever imagine or hope for.


Now, it didn’t happen overnight-this perfect little family… There was acclimation involved. He acquired three littles and I a puppy… (hey, a pet in addition to children is an undertaking!)

Here I am, or more appropriately – here WE are, 9 months later. Happy. Fulfilled. A family.

The fact that Romeo has adapted to parenthood as (self professed) swimmingly as he has, has been a surprise (all things considered). I’m truly amazed. Daily. Love makes the seemingly impossible possible. I believe it. Wholeheartedly.

There is life after divorce with little ones…

Romeo. The One.
Happy, happy girl.

As Good As It Gets…

May it only get *better* for them...

Considering I was still a little bitter about the entire NYE “ordeal” (sheeesh, I’m a baby), I decided I was going to return to aforementioned hotel, sit before the blazing fire, under the (still appearing) full moon and celebrate midnight again. Redux! I phoned a friend and off we went. We polished off a bottle of cabernet at the bar and purchased another to enjoy on the veranda. Down by the fire, there was an adorable couple sipping wine as well. We sat across from them and I could see through the flames they were glowing. Now, not just glowing from the fire dancing before them, but glowing because the woman kept outstretching her left hand, and admiring the glistening rock perched upon her ring finger. Smiling, kissyface, hand-holding, etc. It was sweet to witness. At this time, my friend (recently divorced) leans over and whispers in my ear (as if speaking to them), “Enjoy this now, because this is the best it will ever be. This is as good as it gets.” I laughed, then thought, “Is that true?” I looked back to my engagements and remembered how I felt… and you know, they were definitely one of the highest points of the relationships. But, I’m not convinced, nor that jaded. At least I hope not. At midnight, we toasted and swallowed the rest of our wine. I’m happy now. Happy New Year! (all “happy facade” aside!)

I Just Can’t Help It…

Ummm…yeah…this would be about Romeo.


That boy just does it for me. The way he looks at me, the way he touches me and the way that boy kisses me…makes me DIZZY.

Physically Dizzy.

He flew over to spend some time with his parents and me. I drove over to Tampa to pick him up and spent the day in my old stomping grounds. It was like being in Wine Country again…only without the vineyards and wine. Ha. The thing about Tampa is, there are a multitude of funky, romantic and overall fanspankintabulous establishments to sip a cocktail and just chill. And that’s precisely what we did…for 15 hours straight. We had a few food samplings along the way to boot. Heaven. Pure Heaven, I tell ya. Can I just tell you how much fun we have together and how I love being in a room full of people and we are the only people we see? You know what I’m talking about…it’s magical.

Damn him. Damn Romeo. Damn, Damn Romeo and what he does to me…

And we talked. Did we ever talk. Romeo and I are brutally honest with each other and I am grateful of that. Compounded with the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed (including an Irish Car Bomb ~ that I swore I’d never set my lips to again after a dreadful experience with it a few years ago. Dude…it was BAD…as in throwing up my guts in my sleep BAD. Yeah, and did I mention I was a guest at a friend’s house? Yeah…*that* was a dandy…), <back to my original thought> I had no governor on what I was thinking or feeling. It’s all still up in the air, with no knowing where the pieces will fall when they do. The thing is, I’m not going to worry about the future of us, I’m going to enjoy the now…for now anyway. It’s far too heavenly not to…I just can’t help it!


So yeah, perhaps I’m worse off than I was before because I’ve been sipping (again) from this Well of Sweetness and I’m too drunk and happy to think.

Thing ONE

Thing1Ahhh! Seriously? I must have a label on my forehead:

Have a Girlfriend?: Inquire within.

What is it with me? I may as well add:

Live Across Country?: Pick Me.

I have a knack for attracting/being attracted to the completely *unavailable* guys. Be it emotionally, geographically or BOTH.

This past weekend, I “reconnected” with a certain someone after a brief meeting several months ago, and ended up having the most amazing time. However (stressing heavily here), he is involved with someone [apparently, it’s an unstable situation…but, hello? he’s still in it so I am no fool] and he lives out west! It completely took me off guard, because honestly, I wasn’t expecting to have all that much in common with him, let alone connect on any significant level. Yet, here I am…DAMMIT!!! Every time! I refuse to be “the other girl” or the “Dirty Little Secret” or “Thing 2″…I have resolved (as of my birthday) to be Thing 1 only. No more “maybe he’ll choose me over her inevitably…” Dear Aunt Bessie, I actually was doing that? *sigh*

I need to get out of here…as in GET ON A PLANE and scram! I have plans of Ireland in September…I have to stick with them or I shall go clinically insane….


Two Months?

Holy Cannoli…it’s been TWO WHOLE months since my last post! It should be a crime in the Blog World. Where have I been? I have been distracted. And I’ve been in a bit of a funk. (which I am still in…)

I am usually always “UP”. I have a unique ability to find the positive in just about everything. That’s not changed, I’m just disappointed in where I am at this juncture in life. I’m “together”, yet a mess…  Cryptic, I know.

I have also met a boy. This boy has completely knocked me on my arse. Of course, in true Savored Life fashion, it’s gotta be complicated….it can’t just *BE*. At least now the man is local. (This is a first.) I am just gonna say it plain and simple: It sucks (major big time) when you are face to face with someone that you believe is PERFECT for you, and for some reason…you’re not together. I don’t even want to talk about it, because it requires thinking. I am NOT a thinker ~ I am a feeler…through and through. I can only know that everything happens for a reason…and well…whatever the H, E, double Hockey Sticks it is…I will find out. Patience is NOT my Virtue.

Methinks getting back to writing will distract me from my distraction…

I cannot even write “pretty” today….

Men. And their stupid boy penises

How much more random can I be?

On an entirely different note:

Happy 4th of July!!