A Case of the Mondays…

Oh yeah…nothing like waking up and emulating Linda Blair, aka: Regan MacNeil this fine, first day of the week. Forget Listerine, I’ll take a swish of stomach bile, please. Okay, perhaps I am exaggerating just a tad…it wasn’t projectile anyway. Mouse, her dear heart, stood behind me and rubbed my back…what a kid. (They have learned this from me…and you know what?, it truly does make it a smidgen less dreadful.) It is then I am cursing my body for allowing itself to catch the “bug” that has been circulating. Bubs hurled friday night, and I mistakenly assumed that was the end of it. Alas no, there I was, worshipping the porcelain god…with NO sensational “night before” tale to go along with it. Damn. The thing is, I rarely get sick, I dodge nearly every germ bullet that barrels through my door; well…the odds were NOT in my favor this time.

Feeling ever so fabulous, I am making & packing lunches and trying to feed breakfast to three hungry munkees. With a splitting headache and “Please don’t puke” playing like a broken record in my mind…Mouse has disappeared and the familiar upheaval chorus is reverberating from the bathroom. My turn to rub. poor Mouse. What a trooper. Teeth are brushed and the car is loaded ~ off to school we are. (I can climb right back in bed at my return.)

Late, as usual…we arrive (at least I don’t have to wait in line..). It’s then, Punks inquires as to where her backpack was. “It was where is always is, (in the morning) hanging on your hook.” I state. Her reply: “Oops.” Yeah, “oops…” As Punks and Bubs exit the car, I am faced with the fact that I now have to drive all the way home and back. Yay, I can hardly wait. I drop off Mouse to Dr. D’s girlfriend (it’s his day) and proceed home….behind EVERY slow driving car in the county, that of course wants to make left hand turns on this two-lane passage.

Great Movie.

Great Movie.

Home. I grab the bag and return to the school. This time, I’m following a carbon~farting, oil burning dump truck which has squeezed in front of me. UGH. “Please don’t puke…please don’t puke” begins blaring again. Other than the tractor I managed to get behind on the way back home, the drive was insignificant. In fact, I hardly remember it. Home again. Bed. Out.

Upon awaking, I needed fresh air & with a day as gorgeous as today… I decided on the pool (over the beach), because I can walk there. Closing the garage door, I start toward the watering hole, realizing halfway, I have forgotten the gate key. Damn. Walk back. I open the garage, get the key. Close garage. Walk back toward pool. Now realize, I do not have a towel. Double damn. Return home, reopen the damn garage and grab a damn towel. What the shit‽‽ Really‽‽ Is it over yet‽‽

Swimming was divine…Hallelujah! The sun does wonders for my health & spirits.

The day’s not over yet, but it’s panning out to be far better than it started. At least I can laugh about it…what I remember anyway…