Forward Thinking

Ya know, I truly had the best intentions when I made the decision to write about my Un-Love story. The problem: I don’t want to. Devoting any more time and energy to a time and place in my life that I have moved beyond, is sub-inspirational; it’s a chore to put fingertips to keys.

This little corner of the interwebs is my place to savor my life. (Granted, all the bullshiz that got me here is important, it’s not the present.) It’s purpose was/is to allow me to creatively express real-time me, and create a log of it all. This has been fun, albeit sporadic at times; stepping backward? Not so much fun. So it ends here; going forward, it’s back to NOW.

Right now, I am loving my life. Did I mention I married Romeo? I know I mentioned I was engaged…

Holy Shite, I’m married!  😛


The La’s ~ Son of a Gun




Howdy, SavoredLife!

That’s what WordPress says when I log in….

It should read: Where the hell have you been and why do you keep lying to us about being more consistent in your blogging? I call myself out via my own blog. Guilty. I could say I’ve been “busy”. (Which is and isn’t true simultaneously, for I do have time to screw around elsewhere…)


Methinks I feel like my blog is utterly boring and without direction. However, that is MY life after all (the without direction part that is. Boring it is not!)

Escape. Going to Cancun on Friday. My neighbor booked an all-inclusive vacation with her [ex]boyfriend & two boys. The “ex” is a clue as to why I am now going. For $260, I will be eating , drinking and sunning 4 days away. I’m even considering a night dive or a zip-line adventure, which unless I meet an additional partner in crime on location, I’ll be going at it alone. (She and any form of physical exertion do not complement each other.) Regardless of the actual vacation scenario, I am getting on a plane and going somewhere and that in and of itself makes me enthusiastically happy. Flying is a drug for me. Travel (anywhere by airplane) is therapeutic to me. Now, I just need to get to the point that I can get paid to do it! ***Anyone out in BlogLand need a traveling reviewer/photographer/paid entourage addition?*** (Hey, I tried.)

Bonus: I’ll get to cross Mexico off my Bucket List!

Sayonara Adios (der) for now mis amigos. I do love thee and miss thee and solemnly vow to restore some semblance of consistency. (my intentions are good…)

Check out this toe-tappin’ booty shakin’ number…