A Wee Bit O’ Irish Fun

The Munkees awoke yesterday to a morning of St. Patrick’s Day fun… (mostly attributed to Pinterest — for ideas and inspiration.)

First, Pot O’ Golds. Similar to this but with peanut butter cups and a personalized, hand-drawn/written card attached for each of them. They were disassembled and consumed before I thought to take a picture. 😛

Next, “When I feel lucky…” Leprechaun cards. I made one for each member of the family. All they had to do was draw in his face, attach his whiskers and fill in the blank. Well, and read them aloud as we went around the table. Here’s Mouse’s…


Next: St. Patrick’s Day BINGO! I found this downloadable and printed the black & white version and hand colored in 4 sets…because I’m insane crafty like that. I purchased a few small gifts, that I wrapped, and a sheet of temporary tattoos as prizes. This was a monster hit! It went over so well that I am going to laminate their sheets and the call pieces to use again next year. This idea will more than likely resurface for a birthday party or two…or three…later this year. (I am insane and a glutton for punishment.)

While calling out BINGO pieces, I was also rolling out dough, cutting & baking cookies. These were not just any cookies mind you, but Bailey’s Irish Cream Cookies. Oh yes, *THOSE* cookies. Now, considering these are boozy treats, I needed to make an entirely second batch of Sugar Cookies for the munkees (BECAUSE I AM INSANE SUCH A GREAT MOM. Ha.) I did replace their filling with the Mint Layer portion of a brownie recipe I had used previously. DeLish. For serious.


After all of our home festivities, we headed out to a fundraising event featuring none other than Pipe & Drum.

Romeo & I had a Smithwick’s

The Munkees had custom flavored sodas.

A fantabulous St. Patty’s Day was had by all.



Faux Makeup

I stumbled across a pin last week that led me to a blog entry on the subject of faux kid makeup. A clever mom made her own with empty cosmetic containers and nail polish.


Mouse is obsessed with makeup, and has been from day one. I’ve let her wear lipgloss/lip balm (mostly clear) and that’s about it (other than the occasional eyeshadow or powder around the house).

I’ve had a couple of eyeshadow cases that I’ve been meaning to toss, but now instead have recycled! I grabbed a few of our nail polishes (a metallic purple, an opaque glitter & a hot pink) and got to business!

While she’d much rather have the real deal, I believe she’ll have fun with these!


OMG, I Won!

I’m still a little bit in shock. Now, I know it’s not like I won Powerball, but I’m still having a hard time swallowing MY name was randomly drawn from a pool of 33,000+ other entries. (Well, two others are sharing in all this excitement as well.)

I heart Pioneer Woman. My dear pal, Lebanese Blonde introduced me to her blog several years ago, and I got hooked on her love story. That’s where it all started. Hooked – as in, “sat in front of my computer for HOURS (upon hours and hours…),” laughing, crying and relieved I didn’t have to wait month-to-month for her continuing chapters; I pretty much landed there toward the end and was thankful for that. (kudos to the longtime readers that had to endure the anticipation!)

Anyhoo, I’ve been a fan ever since.

If you follow PW, you know she’s always giving away something. A couple days ago, on account of the release of her second cookbook, she was giving away 3 of her custom painted KitchenAid Mixers. You know the one; she refers to it as the “Orange Floral American Chopper mixer.” Yeah, that one! Each mixer would be accompanied by her newly released cookbook as well.

All I needed to do to enter was put my favorite television show in the comment section: Sons of Anarchy. Der!

Last night, while watching Back to the Future Part III with the Munkees, I jumped on Pulse to see who won. I always check, never expecting to see my name. I nearly fell off the couch…


I ran in to the bedroom (where Romeo was working) and tried to explain I’d won. I was dancing around like a mad woman and apparently, the words coming out of my mouth were a jumbled mess; he had a perplexed look on his face. At that point, I just handed him my phone exclaiming, “I won!”

So, now we wait or our gorgeous new mixer and cookbook to arrive… When they do, I’ll be sure to blog about it!

Chore Pig

Wednesday evenings are a BIG night in our home: chore delegation.

::Enter Chore Pig::


We do have *set* chores, but who performs what, may (or may not) change weekly.

Chore pig… He’s cute, he’s lovable, he makes chore picking fun. ::snort:: Well, as fun as it can be I suppose.

Chore pig was the brainchild of Punks—initially intended to be a piggy bank, but somehow, his job changed. Each week, he patiently sits atop the refrigerator waiting for “Tribal Council.” Each week, Punks, Boo & Mouse alternate picking to see what chores are their fate for the week. Each week, all three hope and pray they don’t pick “Kitchen.” Each week, whoever picks “Kitchen” and groans, Romeo and I remind them, “Chore Pig has spoken.”