Answering Questions

I love it when a movie encourages me to reflect upon my life as a whole…and not necessarily to find “purpose” or the “WHY?” … but the “What Now?”

I’m here. I have roughly 73.5 – 86.0 years (according to the 2000-2007 Population Health Metrics Study) to do what I’m going to do here on earth. I’m currently 36. Now, if I fall in the above standard, my life is nearly HALF over.

Where am I in Life? What have I accomplished? Am I happy with this? What am I going to do next?

Up until my divorce from Dr. D., true introspection took a backseat to raising children. Even since then, I’ve been dealing with an army of variables: From physically removing myself from a toxic and abusive environment, to acclimating to the newly found freedom of being in charge of my OWN life, to figuring out just HOW I was going to survive on my own, to falling madly in love and marrying my very best friend… the priority of TRUE self evaluation fell to the wayside.

Now that I’ve arrived to a place of decision making on the direction of my life moving forward, enter 180° South, to completely challenge my brain even more. Looking back to my initial thought: “What now?”

I’m still not sold on the “go to school (optional) to go to work to pay for all the stuff you have/want to save for those several weeks of vacation every year that you dream of for 350 days” idea. To me, this is entirely backwards.

For me, the PRIORITY is the TIME and EXPERIENCES shared with the people I LOVE in LIFE.

Paper. Pencil. Brainstorming.
Let’s see what I come up with…

Oh, and if you haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend it.