Forward Thinking

Ya know, I truly had the best intentions when I made the decision to write about my Un-Love story. The problem: I don’t want to. Devoting any more time and energy to a time and place in my life that I have moved beyond, is sub-inspirational; it’s a chore to put fingertips to keys.

This little corner of the interwebs is my place to savor my life. (Granted, all the bullshiz that got me here is important, it’s not the present.) It’s purpose was/is to allow me to creatively express real-time me, and create a log of it all. This has been fun, albeit sporadic at times; stepping backward? Not so much fun. So it ends here; going forward, it’s back to NOW.

Right now, I am loving my life. Did I mention I married Romeo? I know I mentioned I was engaged…

Holy Shite, I’m married!  😛


The La’s ~ Son of a Gun