Speaking Out

Ya know, it’s difficult to admit weakness.

It’s equally difficult to continue to keep silent.

I know there are a myriad of others like me ~ women* in the same predicament.

Domestic Violence.  A hush-hush, behind closed doors, sweep it under the carpet scenario that we hide to save face. Who wants to admit that they date(d)/are married to a person that abuses them? Who wants to be a… “victim” ? Not me. Until now. And yeah, it sucks; it’s humiliating. It is a fully loaded Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was I thinking?

I know exactly what I was thinking: “I can change him; I can make him a better person.”

I know exactly what YOU are thinking: “You are an idiot!” or… “She’s reading my mind.”

You are right, or… I feel ya.


My next entries are going to be my story with Dr. D. As you’ve already deduced, it’s not a Love Story – far from it. It is not a pity seeker either. It will be the veritable account of a nearly two decade long toxic relationship that left me a shell of my true self. If I am able to help at least one person, even if it’s solely the ability to enable a friend to comfort another in a similar situation, the disclosure will be worth it.

*Gender easily reversed


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