The One


Funny. It’s all quite a twisted turn of events that I can attribute only to fate. The world works in wild and mysterious ways and I’m ecstatic to be a product of this very cliché.

So yes, two years after my furlough out West, I’m essentially the happiest housewife that has ever lived. (minus the married part.)

There are a plethora of aspects to touch upon, yet my mind is vacillating on where to begin…

Being a single mom in the dating pool was enchanting…for one hot minute. The allure of the freedom to choose a partner quickly transformed into the arduous task of weeding through the available, or more congruous in my case-unavailable, men. Accepting not one, but THREE little Munkees proved to be a somewhat daunting task, coupled with geographic restrictions…oh, and if the above wasn’t an issue…not being a complete weirdo was. *sigh*

Alas, those days have come to an end. Woo to da Hoo! As of March 2010, this single mama is single no more. {insert Romeo here.}

Romeo: Unavailable boy that lived in California.
Romeo: Childless man with *zero* interest in being a parent.
Romeo: Available boy that loves me, the Munkees and is the most amazing stepparent I could ever imagine or hope for.


Now, it didn’t happen overnight-this perfect little family… There was acclimation involved. He acquired three littles and I a puppy… (hey, a pet in addition to children is an undertaking!)

Here I am, or more appropriately – here WE are, 9 months later. Happy. Fulfilled. A family.

The fact that Romeo has adapted to parenthood as (self professed) swimmingly as he has, has been a surprise (all things considered). I’m truly amazed. Daily. Love makes the seemingly impossible possible. I believe it. Wholeheartedly.

There is life after divorce with little ones…

Romeo. The One.
Happy, happy girl.


2 Responses

  1. For so long, I was skeptical, too, and now I believe the same: there really is love after divorce. Thanks for keeping it positive!

  2. Who knew… Who knew that the love of my life was under my
    nose all along!?! Blessed am I.

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