The One


Funny. It’s all quite a twisted turn of events that I can attribute only to fate. The world works in wild and mysterious ways and I’m ecstatic to be a product of this very cliché.

So yes, two years after my furlough out West, I’m essentially the happiest housewife that has ever lived. (minus the married part.)

There are a plethora of aspects to touch upon, yet my mind is vacillating on where to begin…

Being a single mom in the dating pool was enchanting…for one hot minute. The allure of the freedom to choose a partner quickly transformed into the arduous task of weeding through the available, or more congruous in my case-unavailable, men. Accepting not one, but THREE little Munkees proved to be a somewhat daunting task, coupled with geographic restrictions…oh, and if the above wasn’t an issue…not being a complete weirdo was. *sigh*

Alas, those days have come to an end. Woo to da Hoo! As of March 2010, this single mama is single no more. {insert Romeo here.}

Romeo: Unavailable boy that lived in California.
Romeo: Childless man with *zero* interest in being a parent.
Romeo: Available boy that loves me, the Munkees and is the most amazing stepparent I could ever imagine or hope for.


Now, it didn’t happen overnight-this perfect little family… There was acclimation involved. He acquired three littles and I a puppy… (hey, a pet in addition to children is an undertaking!)

Here I am, or more appropriately – here WE are, 9 months later. Happy. Fulfilled. A family.

The fact that Romeo has adapted to parenthood as (self professed) swimmingly as he has, has been a surprise (all things considered). I’m truly amazed. Daily. Love makes the seemingly impossible possible. I believe it. Wholeheartedly.

There is life after divorce with little ones…

Romeo. The One.
Happy, happy girl.


Warrior Dash. For REAL This Time.

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Yeah. I’m “one of those” that has lofty athletic goals and signs up for numerous events and doesn’t follow through. I admit it.

It comes as no surprise that I have signed up for yet another event: Warrior Dash. However, *this* time will be different. Have you heard of Warrior Dash? If you haven’t, dude, you gotta…like, *right* now!

Here, lemme help you: Warrior (“Craziest Frickin’ Day of Your Life”) Dash

Ya see, I was sent a link to this by a friend that I have run many a local race with and, in turn, talked 5+ others into joining me as well. (including Romeo…which, by the way lives with me and we’re totally in love and gonna live happily ever after, but that’s a different post.)

Suffice to say, I will actually, physically taking part in this race. And dude, I’m excited!

Woo to da Hoo!