Yes. It’s 4AM and I’m awake wired. Thank you, pot of cuban coffee I swallowed HOURS ago.

Recently, I moved. My new place has white walls. White Freakin’ Walls! Savored Life + White Walls = Insanity. I have issues. Obviously. This does NOT work for me. I need color. I need warmth. White Walls provide neither. I’m painting my house tomorrow today. In 3 hours. This should be interesting.

Next Topic: Photography.

I’ve been making excuses for a year now as to why I’m not pursuing this as a side job. Well, I’ve run out. So guess what? I’m going to build a website and pursue it.

Next Topic: Concerts

I’m going to Dropkick Murphys on Sunday & Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers in May. I’m beside myself. Really. Have you seen TP&theH’s documentary “Running Down a Dream”? Dude, it’s awesome. See it.

Next Topic: Travel

Sometimes I feel trapped. Like my wings were clipped before I could even fly. I have this nomadic inner being that is screaming to surface. I’m talking backpack, leaving country and wandering…

Next Topic: Sprinklers

I didn’t think they worked. They just came on. 4AM: Sprinklers. Good to know.

Next Topic: Sleep

I think the caffeine is finally wearing off. Thank God. Seriously, I’ve been drunk on caffeine. Same effect as alcohol. Weird. Probably a grande idea, seeing as I am painting all day tomorrow.



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