Move To Trash

Yes. “Move to Trash” is what I did with all of my blog drafts; all those unfinished trains of thought that were….so last year. It is so like me to start a project and not finish…yet hold onto it with intentions to.

Well, NO MORE. It’s all clutter; I am over the melange of “stuff” that has been piling up around me. This includes not only projects, but material items and relationships that aren’t going anywhere. Savored Life is simplifying. Streamlining.

Really, it couldn’t come at a more convenient time. I am not much into New Year’s Resolutions, though I do buy into Life Resolutions. It just so happens that this happens to be January. And hey, new year, new decade and it looks like a new place of residence come next month…so what better time than NOW?

Yeah. Clean House.


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