I Should be Ashamed of Myself?


Dr. D and I just had a conversation about working around this semester’s school schedule (mine) and we worked out a plan. He then went into a rant of his own, stating that I should be ashamed of myself for accepting child support and that my children will think I’m a disgrace for doing so. WTS? Ummm…first off, were I making anywhere near the same amount of income or more, I could entertain that thought. (This coming from a father that refuses to even have a life insurance policy on himself, FOR HIS CHILDREN, should anything happen to him. I have one, as per our Mediation Agreement.) I told him we could go back to court if he wanted to see what the judge came up with (we just had it lowered *substantially* early last year) and he got all defensive saying, “No. You just need to draft up a document stating you don’t want any support.” (Knowing full well that no judge would say he didn’t have to pay anything.)

Dude, I have no words…..except “Douche Bag” and “lay off the crack.”


Am I way off base?


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