1. Someone who is buff or ripped. Usually the most badass person in the room is the swoll guy.

“Awww yeah, we’ve been hittin’ the gym hard and lookin’ all swoll all up here in this club.”

2. A term used to represent an increase in mass or numeral of something…Sometimes currency

“Dude, I got so much cash, my pockets are swoll!”

[Definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary.]


I Just Can’t Help It…

Ummm…yeah…this would be about Romeo.


That boy just does it for me. The way he looks at me, the way he touches me and the way that boy kisses me…makes me DIZZY.

Physically Dizzy.

He flew over to spend some time with his parents and me. I drove over to Tampa to pick him up and spent the day in my old stomping grounds. It was like being in Wine Country again…only without the vineyards and wine. Ha. The thing about Tampa is, there are a multitude of funky, romantic and overall fanspankintabulous establishments to sip a cocktail and just chill. And that’s precisely what we did…for 15 hours straight. We had a few food samplings along the way to boot. Heaven. Pure Heaven, I tell ya. Can I just tell you how much fun we have together and how I love being in a room full of people and we are the only people we see? You know what I’m talking about…it’s magical.

Damn him. Damn Romeo. Damn, Damn Romeo and what he does to me…

And we talked. Did we ever talk. Romeo and I are brutally honest with each other and I am grateful of that. Compounded with the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed (including an Irish Car Bomb ~ that I swore I’d never set my lips to again after a dreadful experience with it a few years ago. Dude…it was BAD…as in throwing up my guts in my sleep BAD. Yeah, and did I mention I was a guest at a friend’s house? Yeah…*that* was a dandy…), <back to my original thought> I had no governor on what I was thinking or feeling. It’s all still up in the air, with no knowing where the pieces will fall when they do. The thing is, I’m not going to worry about the future of us, I’m going to enjoy the now…for now anyway. It’s far too heavenly not to…I just can’t help it!


So yeah, perhaps I’m worse off than I was before because I’ve been sipping (again) from this Well of Sweetness and I’m too drunk and happy to think.

It’s That Time of the Month…

Look who’s back? Again…what, a month or so later? My blog entries are mimicking my menstrual cycle. Ya see, I’m not “regular” (you know, the every 28ish day norm) I’m more like every 35-40 days or whenever it feels like arriving. Well, I’ve been having cramps, which reminded me it was time to post an entry…

What a lovely portrait.

I actually have *exciting* things to write about today: Nash was in town the past two days. Now, I met Nash a year ago this month and this is the first time I’ve seen him *since* then. (Though we have exchanged many a phone call, text and email.) We had all kinds of intention on getting together, however our schedules never seemed to allow it. It would now appear that my New Years will not suck this year! Granted, my happy little ass will be somewhere *cold*, it will be indeed happy.

On another note, Romeo has decided to pop back into my life. *sigh* Initially, I welcomed it because hey, what the hell, I’m (painfully) single and the attention is flattering. However, Romeo is a road that leads to me inevitably getting hurt because with him, I will never be Thing One.

To add yet another player in the mix…. (Dude, Feast or Famine is real and cruel and present.)…. there’s the boy I met at Martini Night last week. I will call him Vince as he resembles Vince Vaughn. I encourage him to meet us at the next drinking establishment on our itinerary. Only, I’m good and liquored up at this point and am an easy target for drink-buying and conversation monopolizing men. Vince barely acknowledges me while there. So, this week at Martini Night (MN), I ask him, “WTF, you ignored me?” To which he replies, “You were surrounded by dudes.” C’mon, be a man: interrupt. ::snicker:: Anyway, he then “meets us up” at aforementioned second stop of drinking tour, only this week, because Nash is here and we’ve picked him up between MN and Stop 2, we don’t really have a chance to talk. (Another week of another man occupying my attention. ) oooops.

Finally, there’s Random Esquire. RE called me today, and knocked me on my arse. If QT were here, she would of laughed…. Damn you RE, with all that clever wit and charm!

So, that’s it for now. I sure as hell ain’t promising to be more “regular” because no matter how genuine my intentions, I’d be swimming upstream…

And wow, when trying to attach links to remember Nash & Romeo here, I am acutely aware that my Roll Call is in dire need of updating again. (that’s kind of sad, really.)