Thing ONE

Thing1Ahhh! Seriously? I must have a label on my forehead:

Have a Girlfriend?: Inquire within.

What is it with me? I may as well add:

Live Across Country?: Pick Me.

I have a knack for attracting/being attracted to the completely *unavailable* guys. Be it emotionally, geographically or BOTH.

This past weekend, I “reconnected” with a certain someone after a brief meeting several months ago, and ended up having the most amazing time. However (stressing heavily here), he is involved with someone [apparently, it’s an unstable situation…but, hello? he’s still in it so I am no fool] and he lives out west! It completely took me off guard, because honestly, I wasn’t expecting to have all that much in common with him, let alone connect on any significant level. Yet, here I am…DAMMIT!!! Every time! I refuse to be “the other girl” or the “Dirty Little Secret” or “Thing 2″…I have resolved (as of my birthday) to be Thing 1 only. No more “maybe he’ll choose me over her inevitably…” Dear Aunt Bessie, I actually was doing that? *sigh*

I need to get out of here…as in GET ON A PLANE and scram! I have plans of Ireland in September…I have to stick with them or I shall go clinically insane….



One Response

  1. A very good plan for yourself. And no less than you deserve.

    No one wants to be a side dish. Boo!


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