He Said That

narcissisTypically, I don’t usually give much page time to Dr. D…

Usually, I have far better things to ramble about, however, the words that fall outta his mouth sometimes are far too glorious not to share. I almost convince myself that he isn’t being serious. The thing is, he means every word. To me, it’s pure entertainment and a constant reminder of one of the best decisions I have *ever* made.

Seriously, have you ever been the hapless receiver of any of these lines?


“I am *extremely* talented and good looking.”

“You’re nervous around me; that’s why you’re hot. (I was sweating)”

“Don’t I look like a Super Hero?”

“You got the prime genetics with me, didn’t you?” (referring to our kids)

“You know you still want me, you just won’t admit it.” (note: he’s seriously dating a girl across the state)

“Damn, I am *so* good~looking.”

“What should I do? The babysitter wants me.”

“All these girls keep stuffing phone numbers in my pockets.”

That’s what I remember off the top of my head. There are many more… Hope ya laughed. I did and do.


One Response

  1. I choked on my coffee whilst reading this………thank you for this entertainment!!!

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