Two Months?

Holy Cannoli…it’s been TWO WHOLE months since my last post! It should be a crime in the Blog World. Where have I been? I have been distracted. And I’ve been in a bit of a funk. (which I am still in…)

I am usually always “UP”. I have a unique ability to find the positive in just about everything. That’s not changed, I’m just disappointed in where I am at this juncture in life. I’m “together”, yet a mess…  Cryptic, I know.

I have also met a boy. This boy has completely knocked me on my arse. Of course, in true Savored Life fashion, it’s gotta be complicated….it can’t just *BE*. At least now the man is local. (This is a first.) I am just gonna say it plain and simple: It sucks (major big time) when you are face to face with someone that you believe is PERFECT for you, and for some reason…you’re not together. I don’t even want to talk about it, because it requires thinking. I am NOT a thinker ~ I am a feeler…through and through. I can only know that everything happens for a reason…and well…whatever the H, E, double Hockey Sticks it is…I will find out. Patience is NOT my Virtue.

Methinks getting back to writing will distract me from my distraction…

I cannot even write “pretty” today….

Men. And their stupid boy penises

How much more random can I be?

On an entirely different note:

Happy 4th of July!!


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