Taking a Break: Preventing Disgorge

Great visual, eh?

I thought I blogged about my special piece of workout equipment, though after searching, I find that I have not. Considering I just “introduced” you to the Onion, I may as well introduce you to something else HotBe acquainted me *clap* *clap* (sorry…starting daydreaming…)

As I was saying, last year, whilst visiting HotBe, we walked over to the beach for one of his infamous workouts. (Refresher: HotBe is my gorgeous personal trainer/pro volleyball player/Nutritionist pal that I want to jump has since moved to Venice, California) He pulls this strap contraption out of his duffel bag and hooks the carabiner to the volleyball net ring on the post. Viola! TRX: Suspension Training System.

Behold the TRX (and HotBe):

HotBe on TRX and bonus pix!  }:)

HotBe on TRX and bonus pix! }:)

Phew, see WHY I daydream when speaking of HotBe? What was I talking about anyway? Oh yeah…TRX.

Needless to say, he had me kick my own arse on this baby and of course I had to buy one. In the year that I’ve had this, it’s become quite popular in the fitness world. I haven’t used it nearly as much as I should. I think I need HotBe to come and “help” me.

Well, I decided to get back into the TRX groove, which is why I am here…resting during the 20 minute workout, because, otherwise, my guts would be all over the floor….Yeah, I can’t even finish a full 20 minutes without the massive urge to hurl. It’s hardcore.

If you are looking to spice up your workout or push yourself harder, get one of these…you will NOT be disappointed…plus, it travels-you can use it virtually anywhere…hence the “Fitness Anywhere”. « Check it out for yourself!

Back to finish my workout…


3 Responses

  1. Well. Those are certainly some pictures. I see the reason you’ve got yourself some thoughts there my dear.

    And it just looks painful!

  2. Holy hotness Batman.

  3. QT: It is definitely a workout!

    MSM: Yeah, he’s “Mandy” for sure!

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