Don’t Make Me Call The Veggie Monster!

bubMy darling middle child; My sweet little boy; My Bubs that could LIVE on pizza, chicken tenders & french fries.


Part of being a parent of multiple children, is the witnessing of varied personalities between them. However, more interesting to me, are their food preferences. For instance, in my family: Punks (age 7) LOVES seafood, mushrooms, olives and sweets of any kind. She WILL NOT touch tomatoes, avocados or anything that has been subjected to an onion. Bubs (age 5) could as I’ve already written, live off of pizza, chicken nuggets and fries. He will eat pretty much any starch, however NO vegetables (except corn) and very little fruit. Oh wait, he does like Caesar salad, but NO seafood and minimal sweets. And he’s a spice prince: Hot sauce, crushed red pepper & Pepper Jack rule. Mouse (age 3) pretty much eats EVERYTHING: Seafood, avocados, tomatoes, loves veggies, fruits and of course sweets. (she is the biggest Sweet Tooth…aside from me that is…) However, she does NOT like hamburger meat (at least she won’t eat it around me, apparently she does at her dad’s house?) Weird.
I get a real kick out of their tastes: likes & dislikes and how different their eating habits are. I know when I was a wee one, I wouldn’t touch seafood with my brother’s fork!

Back to Bubs & his foe, Veggies: I have tried several routes to encourage him to eat more..

I. Taste concealment by drowning in ketchup, cheese, mustard or any other
ingredient he deems more palatable.

II. “Hiding” in casseroles or sauces (EPIC FAIL…he must have a 6th sense when it comes to this…

III. Still in effect: Taste Test and/or 3 Bite Rule.

I must say, however, that number IV really takes the cake! The Rents framed and wrapped a Gary Larson cartoon and gave it to Bubs:

"Why yes...I do have a child who won't eat his vegetables."

"Why yes...I do have a child who won't eat his vegetables."

(looks like Bubs, too!)

There’s nothing like SCARING the bejeebus out of your children into doing something.

“Okay fine, don’t wanna eat your veggies?”

::picking up phone::

“Don’t make me call the Veggie Monster!”

You’ve never seen a kid shovel it in so fast….

Such a rotten mom…. }:)


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