Take Me Out to the Ball Game

baseballFinally. My oldest two munkees have started organized sports and first up is baseball. I had tried several times over the past couple of years to get them involved in something, with no committed interest. Well, No more! Punks and Bubs are official members of a baseball team! Woo Hoo…Go Munkees!

I requested they be placed on the same team (making it easier all around for practices and games and my request was granted.) Their first game was last night and they made this momma proud…not to mention, they are absolutely LOVING it! It is Dr. D’s weekend, so I met him up there. We went out for pizza and then ice cream afterward….civilly (perhaps there is hope for amicable co-parenting.)

The munkees love it when we can all get together and “get along”. That’s ALL I want….to be a united front FOR the wee people. It’s difficult though when they see us “playing nice” and then start with the “we should be a family that lives together again” conversation. The thing is, Dr. D eggs it on and in his warped mind thinks I’ll actually get back with him eventually. (No matter how many times I remind him that it will be an arctic day in Hades before that happens…in somewhat gentler terms.) I digress…

Back to the topic at hand: baseball. The league they chose was one in which the coach pitches to them, rather than hitting off of a Tee (which they do break out if the kids swing and miss more than 5 times…) All of the Wiffle ball in the driveway has paid off and their confidence shows!

I am relieved they have an additional outlet for their energy, while experiencing comaraderie in the process. I get to watch and cheer for them from the bleachers as they play their little hearts out!

And then, of course, go out for ice cream afterward…..


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