Cupcakes & Chicks

My Cake Pops:


The pops turned out fairly close to the originals on Bakerella. (though a bit on the large size..which ended up being a “good thing”…) I can honestly see where my problem lies: Patience. Specifically, my lack thereof. All was going well until right around the the dipping of the 5th cupcake. Sadly, my attention span is that of my children and by then, I was BORED with it. The novelty had worn off and I just wanted them done! At this point, there were no less than 20 more cupcakes plus 10 chicks needing to be dipped (here is where the larger size was of benefit…or I’d have close to double left to finish).

In the end, I finished all of the cupcakes and about 4 chicks. The rest were yellow balls…haha. I may need to rethink the entire Hello Kitty plan…or recruit extra hands….

Whatever will I do with myself? <sigh>


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  1. wow, these are great!

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