Bakerella & Pioneer Woman


Yes…Thank You LeBlon for sharing these two blogs with me.

Bakerella is a cake pop genius…Martha even recognized! (Nor shall I exclude the myriad confections adorning the remainder of her blog!) Seriously though, I cannot wait to make these “suckers”. Mouse will be having a Hello Kitty party this year…just so these appear:



Bakerella is AMAZING!! I have found a new party favor, teacher gift and all around source of ooohs and aaahs through her page!

(You MUST click on BOTH of those links….She has pops for Everything! )


Next is Pioneer Woman. But, let me forewarn you: PW’s website is addicting. By the time you have finished navigating her site, HOURS will have passed…especially when you are reading her LOVE STORY: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. (The entire story…well…until Chapter XXXI. Then, you have to pick up here to continue.) This momma is amazing! She has an incredible husband and family, and is as grounded as any person can be. She shares cooking, photography, home and gardening tips to boot!

Being a single mom, most of the blogs I follow are other single mommas venturing through life as I am. Ree’s story is different. Hers is that of how I envisioned mine materializing as a dreaming adolescent. (well…minus the ranch part…) For me, it’s a refreshing reminder that it DOES happen the First Time. Just as single mom’s and dads find their true happiness the second or third time around. (That would be MY category WHEN I do…Hey…Third time’s a Charm, right?)

PW and Bakerella Rock and I wanted to pass the greatness along to you!


4 Responses

  1. I actually met Pioneer Woman at SXSW. Sat next to her (she invited me to share her table) while she accepted her Bloggie awards.

    Thought I was going to have a fricking heart attack. I am totally in love with her.


  2. You LUCKY Dog!

    Reading her blog makes me wanna go and hang out with her! (Ranch aspect and all…haha.)

    I have a cake in the oven as I type this….I’m making cupcake cake pops (for my friend’s birthday) and the chick ones for the Rents and Munkees to celebrate Spring…

  3. Im really enjoying your posts. Keep up the great work.

  4. Yay!! Good luck with the pops chica 🙂
    I made some more cupcake bites last night for a birthday gift for hubby’s aunt. I know she’ll love them. They are all packaged up and on there way to Cape Cod as we speak. So cute. I individually wrapped them in litte bags and ties and in a cute basket with raffia and all. Looks like it came from a gift shop if I might say so myself. Très cute :o)

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