Munkee Proverbs

(An adapted idea from QTmama’s interview with her daughter….)

I asked the munkees to finish sentences, which were common proverbs in the “Adult World”.

P = Punks ~ Age 7

B = Bubs ~ Age 5

M = Mouse ~ Age 3

When it rains…
P ~ Heaven is crying.
B ~ It gets wet.
M ~ You need an umbrella.

Don’t bite the hand that…
P ~ I write with.
B ~ Has a cut.
M ~ has been in the trash can.

Laughter is…
P ~ Jubilant. (using her spelling words…)
B ~ What?
M ~ Laughing.

An apple a day…
P ~ Keeps the Dr. Away (she knew this one…)
B ~ Makes health.
M ~ Makes you turn into an apple.

If at first you don’t succeed, then…
P ~ You can study, and somehow, you’ll get it.
B ~ You go to Time-out.
M ~ Each kids gets another turn.

If you love something, let it go; If it comes back, cherish it. If not…
P ~ Keep it in your heart
B ~ It’s lost.
M ~ Then that’s what happens.

When the cat’s away, the mice…
P ~ Come out of their holes.
B ~ Are not away.
M ~ Attack! (haha)

Live and…
P ~ Die.
B ~ Survive.
M ~ Eat Peanut Butter & Jelly

There are two sides to every…
P ~ Life.
B ~ Paper.
M ~ Side.

It’s better to be safe than…
P ~ Dangerous.
B ~ Eaten by dinosaurs.
M ~ Die.

Do as I say and not…
P ~ The opposite.
B ~ Play video games.
M ~ Play.

Better late than…
P ~ Early.
B ~ A higher number…like 9 o’clock.
M ~ I’ll be late. (my child for sure…)

The bigger they are, the harder…
P ~ To catch.
B & M~ They are.

Actions speak louder than…
P ~ Speaking.
B ~ A dinosaur roaring (theme going?)
M ~ A duck.

All that glitters is not…
P ~ Perfect.
B ~ Pitters (he just wanted to rhyme…)
M ~ Wet.

Scratch my back and I’ll…
P ~ Give you $20.
B ~ Draw a picture.
M ~ Scratch your back.

A bird in the hand is worth…
P ~ An egg.
B ~ $300
M ~ A tweet.

Beauty is only…
P ~ For parties.
B ~ Flowers and other stuff.
M ~ A princess.

The grass is always greener on…
P ~ Easter.
B ~ Dirt.
M ~ The floor.

and finally…

One of these days, mom, I’m gonna…
P ~ Get a job.
B ~ Be nice.
M ~ Go to the fair. (hmpf.)


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for your kind word on my blog. Its been a rough week, and everyone has really lifted my spirits. This is the first time I’ve been to your blog, and I will definitely be back again.

    I did the interview with my daughter too! I love the responses. When I’m blue, I’ll have to return to all our kid’s answers, because really, what’s better than your child’s imagination? These made me laugh, especially the “mice attack” one.

  2. You are quite welcome! I am happy to be a part of the lifting of your spirit! Keep your chin up. 😀

    Oh yes…the vivid imagination of a child!! (I love just listening in on their playtimes…)

    Looks like I’ve a new blog subscription myself! 🙂

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