Elephant Ears and Such…

mmmmmmm....Yes, please.

mmmmmmm....Yes, please.

You know when they ask if you want Cinnamon~Sugar OR Powdered Sugar on your Elephant Ear? I, of course, am the one that responds with “Both” in a tone that makes the person asking think they have just asked the most ridiculous question ever! And then, they ask: “Half and half or mixed?” My reply: “Mixed, with lots of butter and then just LAYER it all on.” (Hell, if I’m gonna consume this enormous mass of fried dough, I’m going for the gusto!) So, while they were building my Sugar Mountain, I leaned back and snapped a shot of the advertising that brought me here. Truth be told, I come to the fair FOR the Elephant Ear. Yeah, yeah, the kids have fun…blah blah…but this, my blog friends, is a fond flashback of MY youth. The fair was all about the Elephant Ear for me.

As for the rides…well…it seems in my “old” age, just watching them makes me queasy. And if you aren’t there on a bracelet day/night, forget it ~ you’d be happier spending the day at Disney World for a comparable amount of money. (Plus~ Mickey’s place is exponentially cleaner, safer and more festive. Albeit, No elephant ears…or perhaps near the Dumbo ride? hmmm…) Here at the fair, rides were all 3-5 tickets each with 1 ticket = $1. Highway robbery. $20 for the 4 of us to go on the [rickety] ferris wheel? $4 pp to walk [less than 2 minutes] through a lame-arse fun house? $3 pp for a truck thingy that drives 3 laps around in a circle? Where’s my jar of Vaseline when I got bent over bought these tickets? Oh wait, that’s another $5. I did pre~purchase tickets at a discount (24 for $10 x 2) about a week ago. I knew I didn’t want to be there all day, however, I wasn’t expecting the munkees to literally only be able to go on a few rides. Thankfully, there were also animals and 4-wheeler/dirt bike races to keep them entertained…

Wildly amusing: ALL of the “HELP WANTED” signs posted on many of the rides… errrr….


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