Slave Labor

*Original* photo courtesy of

*Original* photo courtesy of

Ha! The Munkees have been Gremlins lately. The past 3 days have been chock~full of whining, sibling fighting, temper tantrums, back talk and complete disregard of mom’s requests. I’ve sat them down and spoken to them about such behavior and they know better. This morning, Bubs came crying to me with a bloody lip because Punks threw a game controller at him. Ugh.

So now… lieu of going to the fair today, the munkees are degreasing walls (removing all of their grubby fingerprints, etc.), organizing bedrooms, scrubbing their bathroom, cleaning windows and helping wash the family car.  (my typical saturday morning growing up…)

Funny, as I am writing this, they are happily scrubbing away, singing…”teamwork, teamwork..” and I am hearing praise when an area is cleaned to the other’s satisfaction. Punks has [naturally] taken the helm as Drill Sergeant, and is barking orders to her younger siblings…with unitary compliance!



Free Play = Discord

Slave Labor = Harmony

No brainer. I prefer the latter…and this is beneficial for mommy: Kids cheerfully working together , a CLEAN house and in record time!  (I need to come up with MORE tasks now) Awesome.  I think I may be onto something…

Now, they have had their normal chores (it’s not been a free-for-all here at mommy’s),  apparently, it’s not enough….

Off to crack whips….


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  1. LOL ~ slave labor ~ you’re too funny.
    On another thought…my dad used to wake us up 1 hour early everyday before school to “clean” the house. Each room in the house had a different day and we were all assigned different tasks: vacuuming, dusting, cleaning clutter, etc. Just an idea 🙂

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