The Constructive Purge

Just as my home periodically requires a Spring Cleaning to expunge useless clutter, the same applies to facets of my life in general.

I was preparing to blog on this topic several weeks ago, whilst chest deep in the situation, when Ms. Single Mama did. I was able to read her entry, relate entirely and then let it all absorb before finally sharing.

Recently, I purged a Toxic Friend. A fellow single mom. Someone I spent a lot of time with. In retrospect, this person was not TRULY a friend to me after all and her subsequent behavior is testimony of that. The details are irrelevant and I wish not to speak ill about her here, though I will say, the relief I have felt since is immense.

I have also purged a few of the boys. The Linguist turned out to be a little too bizarre (Taser episode aside…haha) for me and a couple others just lost me between “hello” and “let’s get together”. Hence “Roll Call” reflects an edit as well. I am Cleaning House!!

Being one to trim the fat and settle for nothing than what’s best for me, these changes were only a matter of time. I have learned that life is entirely too short to let anyone else drag me down and also that happiness is a choice that I make.

The periodic disposal of all things inhibiting is imperative to this single mama’s ability to Savor Life completely!


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