Cupcakes & Chicks

My Cake Pops:


The pops turned out fairly close to the originals on Bakerella. (though a bit on the large size..which ended up being a “good thing”…) I can honestly see where my problem lies: Patience. Specifically, my lack thereof. All was going well until right around the the dipping of the 5th cupcake. Sadly, my attention span is that of my children and by then, I was BORED with it. The novelty had worn off and I just wanted them done! At this point, there were no less than 20 more cupcakes plus 10 chicks needing to be dipped (here is where the larger size was of benefit…or I’d have close to double left to finish).

In the end, I finished all of the cupcakes and about 4 chicks. The rest were yellow balls…haha. I may need to rethink the entire Hello Kitty plan…or recruit extra hands….

Whatever will I do with myself? <sigh>


Bakerella & Pioneer Woman


Yes…Thank You LeBlon for sharing these two blogs with me.

Bakerella is a cake pop genius…Martha even recognized! (Nor shall I exclude the myriad confections adorning the remainder of her blog!) Seriously though, I cannot wait to make these “suckers”. Mouse will be having a Hello Kitty party this year…just so these appear:



Bakerella is AMAZING!! I have found a new party favor, teacher gift and all around source of ooohs and aaahs through her page!

(You MUST click on BOTH of those links….She has pops for Everything! )


Next is Pioneer Woman. But, let me forewarn you: PW’s website is addicting. By the time you have finished navigating her site, HOURS will have passed…especially when you are reading her LOVE STORY: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. (The entire story…well…until Chapter XXXI. Then, you have to pick up here to continue.) This momma is amazing! She has an incredible husband and family, and is as grounded as any person can be. She shares cooking, photography, home and gardening tips to boot!

Being a single mom, most of the blogs I follow are other single mommas venturing through life as I am. Ree’s story is different. Hers is that of how I envisioned mine materializing as a dreaming adolescent. (well…minus the ranch part…) For me, it’s a refreshing reminder that it DOES happen the First Time. Just as single mom’s and dads find their true happiness the second or third time around. (That would be MY category WHEN I do…Hey…Third time’s a Charm, right?)

PW and Bakerella Rock and I wanted to pass the greatness along to you!

I Love Mom & Dad

My Rents are awesome.2185908364_d96dd8f8e3_m

Growing up, my parents were my heroes, bar none. I have wonderful memories of my childhood.

Reaching my teen years, I thought they were far too strict and I rebelled. At age 18, I moved out. They let me. In fact, I came home one afternoon and everything I owned was neatly packed into boxes in my garage bay and was informed I no longer lived there. (I suppose “moved out” should be rephrased as “kicked out”.) Now, I wasn’t a “bad” kid, I just knew it all and no one was going to tell me what to do or how to do it….

I moved in with my boyfriend that lived about an hour and a half north, severed communication with my parents and thought this new “freedom” was heaven…initially. I proceeded to experience the proverbial “Real World”.

Long story: short…I didn’t speak to my parents for almost a year and a half…until I received a letter from my dad. I [literally] broke down and called them. This act of “Tough Love” (kicking me out) and letting me learn through experience was what I needed to see life clearly. Now that I have my own children, I can see why my parents were the way they were back then…. I know this is all rather vague, but my life story is not the point of this blog post. I shared a little to emphasize the love I have for my parents now and not because my relationship with them has always been rosy.

My parents married when they were 21. They have been through their fair share of ups and downs, yet, they persevered. They are SOLID. They truly LOVE one another. Tonight, while on the phone with them, I can hear them bickering back and forth. Dad is complaining that Mom is a horrible passenger in the vehicle. (Having just returned from a jaunt up to Mississippi) Constant: “That car is braking [1 mile] up ahead”, “Watch out, a truck’s turning [waaaay] up there”, (complete with hands on the dashboard and “wet” sucking in of breaths.) We all KNOW this and I have joked for years that I am going to invent a helmet that she can place over her head, which projects a full [360 degree] setting of a tree~lined country road, scattered with nothing but bunnies, butterflies, squirrels and [recently added] unicorns. Alternately, my mother is peeved that my father dared to place the same knife that he previously had in the peanut butter jar “into the PEI Sour Cherry Marmalade”…leaving a trace of peanut butter in the preserves. (My mother loathes the stuff, yet has NEVER had a spoonful..EVER.)

THIS is what they “fight” about. (Meanwhile, I’m full-on laughing on the other end of the receiver.) How I LOVE them.

So now I sit here….reminiscing of my younger years up until now and the relationship I have had with them throughout. It’s a staggering reminder of how quickly time passes and the importance of cherishing those you LOVE …

I Love Mom & Dad.

Elephant Ears and Such…

mmmmmmm....Yes, please.

mmmmmmm....Yes, please.

You know when they ask if you want Cinnamon~Sugar OR Powdered Sugar on your Elephant Ear? I, of course, am the one that responds with “Both” in a tone that makes the person asking think they have just asked the most ridiculous question ever! And then, they ask: “Half and half or mixed?” My reply: “Mixed, with lots of butter and then just LAYER it all on.” (Hell, if I’m gonna consume this enormous mass of fried dough, I’m going for the gusto!) So, while they were building my Sugar Mountain, I leaned back and snapped a shot of the advertising that brought me here. Truth be told, I come to the fair FOR the Elephant Ear. Yeah, yeah, the kids have fun…blah blah…but this, my blog friends, is a fond flashback of MY youth. The fair was all about the Elephant Ear for me.

As for the rides…well…it seems in my “old” age, just watching them makes me queasy. And if you aren’t there on a bracelet day/night, forget it ~ you’d be happier spending the day at Disney World for a comparable amount of money. (Plus~ Mickey’s place is exponentially cleaner, safer and more festive. Albeit, No elephant ears…or perhaps near the Dumbo ride? hmmm…) Here at the fair, rides were all 3-5 tickets each with 1 ticket = $1. Highway robbery. $20 for the 4 of us to go on the [rickety] ferris wheel? $4 pp to walk [less than 2 minutes] through a lame-arse fun house? $3 pp for a truck thingy that drives 3 laps around in a circle? Where’s my jar of Vaseline when I got bent over bought these tickets? Oh wait, that’s another $5. I did pre~purchase tickets at a discount (24 for $10 x 2) about a week ago. I knew I didn’t want to be there all day, however, I wasn’t expecting the munkees to literally only be able to go on a few rides. Thankfully, there were also animals and 4-wheeler/dirt bike races to keep them entertained…

Wildly amusing: ALL of the “HELP WANTED” signs posted on many of the rides… errrr….

Munkee Proverbs

(An adapted idea from QTmama’s interview with her daughter….)

I asked the munkees to finish sentences, which were common proverbs in the “Adult World”.

P = Punks ~ Age 7

B = Bubs ~ Age 5

M = Mouse ~ Age 3

When it rains…
P ~ Heaven is crying.
B ~ It gets wet.
M ~ You need an umbrella.

Don’t bite the hand that…
P ~ I write with.
B ~ Has a cut.
M ~ has been in the trash can.

Laughter is…
P ~ Jubilant. (using her spelling words…)
B ~ What?
M ~ Laughing.

An apple a day…
P ~ Keeps the Dr. Away (she knew this one…)
B ~ Makes health.
M ~ Makes you turn into an apple.

If at first you don’t succeed, then…
P ~ You can study, and somehow, you’ll get it.
B ~ You go to Time-out.
M ~ Each kids gets another turn.

If you love something, let it go; If it comes back, cherish it. If not…
P ~ Keep it in your heart
B ~ It’s lost.
M ~ Then that’s what happens.

When the cat’s away, the mice…
P ~ Come out of their holes.
B ~ Are not away.
M ~ Attack! (haha)

Live and…
P ~ Die.
B ~ Survive.
M ~ Eat Peanut Butter & Jelly

There are two sides to every…
P ~ Life.
B ~ Paper.
M ~ Side.

It’s better to be safe than…
P ~ Dangerous.
B ~ Eaten by dinosaurs.
M ~ Die.

Do as I say and not…
P ~ The opposite.
B ~ Play video games.
M ~ Play.

Better late than…
P ~ Early.
B ~ A higher number…like 9 o’clock.
M ~ I’ll be late. (my child for sure…)

The bigger they are, the harder…
P ~ To catch.
B & M~ They are.

Actions speak louder than…
P ~ Speaking.
B ~ A dinosaur roaring (theme going?)
M ~ A duck.

All that glitters is not…
P ~ Perfect.
B ~ Pitters (he just wanted to rhyme…)
M ~ Wet.

Scratch my back and I’ll…
P ~ Give you $20.
B ~ Draw a picture.
M ~ Scratch your back.

A bird in the hand is worth…
P ~ An egg.
B ~ $300
M ~ A tweet.

Beauty is only…
P ~ For parties.
B ~ Flowers and other stuff.
M ~ A princess.

The grass is always greener on…
P ~ Easter.
B ~ Dirt.
M ~ The floor.

and finally…

One of these days, mom, I’m gonna…
P ~ Get a job.
B ~ Be nice.
M ~ Go to the fair. (hmpf.)

Slave Labor

*Original* photo courtesy of

*Original* photo courtesy of

Ha! The Munkees have been Gremlins lately. The past 3 days have been chock~full of whining, sibling fighting, temper tantrums, back talk and complete disregard of mom’s requests. I’ve sat them down and spoken to them about such behavior and they know better. This morning, Bubs came crying to me with a bloody lip because Punks threw a game controller at him. Ugh.

So now… lieu of going to the fair today, the munkees are degreasing walls (removing all of their grubby fingerprints, etc.), organizing bedrooms, scrubbing their bathroom, cleaning windows and helping wash the family car.  (my typical saturday morning growing up…)

Funny, as I am writing this, they are happily scrubbing away, singing…”teamwork, teamwork..” and I am hearing praise when an area is cleaned to the other’s satisfaction. Punks has [naturally] taken the helm as Drill Sergeant, and is barking orders to her younger siblings…with unitary compliance!



Free Play = Discord

Slave Labor = Harmony

No brainer. I prefer the latter…and this is beneficial for mommy: Kids cheerfully working together , a CLEAN house and in record time!  (I need to come up with MORE tasks now) Awesome.  I think I may be onto something…

Now, they have had their normal chores (it’s not been a free-for-all here at mommy’s),  apparently, it’s not enough….

Off to crack whips….

The Constructive Purge

Just as my home periodically requires a Spring Cleaning to expunge useless clutter, the same applies to facets of my life in general.

I was preparing to blog on this topic several weeks ago, whilst chest deep in the situation, when Ms. Single Mama did. I was able to read her entry, relate entirely and then let it all absorb before finally sharing.

Recently, I purged a Toxic Friend. A fellow single mom. Someone I spent a lot of time with. In retrospect, this person was not TRULY a friend to me after all and her subsequent behavior is testimony of that. The details are irrelevant and I wish not to speak ill about her here, though I will say, the relief I have felt since is immense.

I have also purged a few of the boys. The Linguist turned out to be a little too bizarre (Taser episode aside…haha) for me and a couple others just lost me between “hello” and “let’s get together”. Hence “Roll Call” reflects an edit as well. I am Cleaning House!!

Being one to trim the fat and settle for nothing than what’s best for me, these changes were only a matter of time. I have learned that life is entirely too short to let anyone else drag me down and also that happiness is a choice that I make.

The periodic disposal of all things inhibiting is imperative to this single mama’s ability to Savor Life completely!