Quadratic Functions & “Woah…You’re Packing Heat!”

x= -b±√b²-4ac/2a

Yes…Algebra. It’s not that it’s difficult per se, it’s more a question of: When will I use this in MY life? This question was resonating in my head ~ deafening as my professor feverishly scribbled the Square Root Method and Completing The Square functions on the blackboard. Chalk was swirling in the air and my eyes glazed over. I had to ask. During break, I walked alongside my professor and inquired “in what instance in REAL life, will I apply these formulas?”…she paused, smiled, looked me square in the eye and stated: “In Calculus 1-3 & Physics Classes.”

Yeah…that’s what I thought: Never.



After class, I had plans to meet up with The Linguist again. He thought the local bookstore would be ideal. He loves books. I love books. That works. I arrived first and made my way to the Photography section. I was thumbing through a miscellaneous Landscape publication when he crept up behind me. We said our hellos and I noticed how handsome he really is. He positioned beside me and it’s then I discovered the weapon affixed to his leg! (I’m talking a canvas strap, wrapped several times around the exterior of his jeans with an attached holster…) Taken aback and without any thought I say “Woah, is the gun really necessary?” To which he replied, “It’s not a gun , it’s a taser; don’t worry it’s not for you.” WTF? A taser? To the bookstore? For Serious? Now, I knew he was into guns and Star Wars and a million other things (this guy is fascinating to say the least), but this was a bit much. Perhaps living in this quiet “little town” (hell, all of Florida is essentially “quiet” in the Grande scheme of things) has part to do with it. He is, after all, from NY. An hour and a half, conversations on multiple writings, a Chai latte & chocolate chip cookie later, we make our way out to the parking lot and hug farewell. All in all, it was a pleasant date ~ we’ll hang again.

Still no kiss. (on purpose). This must be some sort of record for me….which is almost a little pathetic. Almost. Ha!


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  1. […] have also purged a few of the boys. The Linguist turned out to be a little too bizarre (Taser episode aside…haha) for me and a couple others […]

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