Two. Double Zero. Nine.


My actual New Year’s Eve was less than a night to remember. In fact, I’d like to forget it altogether. Ha! I have resolved to not spend another NYE working, and am planning a “do over” when a certain someone (CS) comes to visit. ::smiles:: Yes, CS had a NYE that was less than desirable as well… He was on the other side of the country and didn’t have “a stitch of fun at all.” [CS aka: NashVegas (final nickname still undecided)].

The New Year has much in store for Savored Life. For one, I am making like Rodney Dangerfield and going Back to School. It’s been 10 years since I have been in the classroom. Methinks I’ll be a little more focused this time around! Class starts next monday for me. Woohoo!

I attended a photography workshop yesterday afternoon that cleared up the haze surrounding Aperture (f-stops/DOF), ISO, Shutter Speed and how they each relate to one another. Now, I am dying to get a “real” camera and start experimenting….

This is also the last 6 months that Mouse is home with me during the day (on my days that is). Next fall she starts pre-K. I’m saddened yet excited all in the same breath.

I am ready for Punks and Bubs to get back to school…they are bouncing off the walls! Dr. D has already attempted to “try me”, but to no avail on his part. (God, his name is so befitting!)

Hello and Welcome 2009 ~

I am eagerly getting this year underway…

Much love and happiness to you all…out there in the Land of Blog! 😀


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