This past Saturday, the Rents took the Munkees and me to see “Bedtime Stories” starring Adam Sandler. Overall, the movie was cute and warranted several laughs. As the title implies, the film is based around narratives told by Skeeter (Adam’s character) to (and with the aid of) his niece & nephew at bedtime. One scene that really stuck out to me, is when the kids are “debating” as one wants a story of romance while the other wants one of action.  Skeeter, conceding to both, decides upon “Romaction”.


What a fabulous word! Seriously, I believe it captures the essence of many an encounter in a mere three syllables. It screams: hearts & flowers, fire & passion, spontaneity & adventure. (to me anyway…) Surfing over to Urban Dictionary for a full definition, cuz…you know…I wanna add it to my Blog, I find nada. No such luck. So, I make up my own.

Romaction is now officially part of my vocabulary repertoire.

“I could use a little romaction and I know just the fella for such an undertaking!”


3 Responses

  1. Very smooth… love it. Love your little urban dictionary definitions. I LOVED Sexting too.

  2. hahaha!!
    You are a nut. 🙂 I believe this is why we get along so well.
    We ALL need a little romaction in our lifes 😉

  3. Thanks, MSM!

    Yes…LeBlon, I’m a nut. I’m a nut. I’m Craaazzzyyy. 😀

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