You Lost It? I Found It!

I’m speaking of weight. Good god, my clothes are tight…the ones that STILL fit that is! I refuse to buy “fat clothes”. YIKES! Ok, I’m NOT fat…but I am not in the shape I was just months ago.

Three dominant culprits:

→ Late Night Binging (fare & spirits)

→ Stress

Desk Chair Potato. [much] Less Exercise

Now any of these by themselves would not pose so much of an issue, however, ALL three in conjunction: “Savored Life, we have a problem.”

triathlon123INTERVENTION! Oh yes, to combat this new found mass, I have committed myself to a Sprint Triathlon to commence in the Spring 2009. That’s right! I am going to Swim (1/4 mile ocean), Bike (10 miles) & Run (3.1 miles) it back to whatever subterranean chasm of purgatory it came from! Not to mention, I am & have been changing other recently ill~formed habits back to healthy ones! Yay!! In all seriousness, I have been meaning to complete a triathlon for more than a decade! I had even signed up for a couple over the past few years…never to follow through. This one will be different. I have training in MULTIPLE. Accountability and motivation at its finest.

On an entirely different note: I have three “starving” munkees and a beautiful day beyond these walls to be wholly enjoyed with them, so I am signing off.

Until next time…


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  1. Oy! I am in the same boat girlie. Damn getting old!

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