Being a single parent is a task in itself, but when compounded with the fact that I have ZERO family in my city, it’s downright rough (more emotionally than anything else) sometimes. The majority of my family lives 2.5 hours away! 😥 When I was married and a stay-at-home mom, I could travel anytime I wanted; Now that I’m a single mommy, it’s economically stressful to constantly be on the go with the kids. I miss my brothers, parents, aunt, cousins and all respective children terribly. Being a family-oriented individual, I always envisioned all of our munkees, the next generation, growing up together as we did. This several times a year Mumbo Jumbo is heartbreaking. Truly.


As Thanksgiving approaches, I am naturally reflecting more on this. I am hosting Dinner this year and I am ever so excited! However, my older brother and his family have been estranged from the rest of my immediate family (not me) for YEARS and thus will not be here. Another heartbreak. I swear, I truly am an anomaly on many fronts and it especially rings true in regard to MY family. I love them all, but sheeesh…there comes a time when the pride, stubborness and grudge holding need to be checked at the door. Permanently. Life is too short and precious for all this BS! I digress…

Plain and simple: I wish I lived back on the other coast. I LOVE the area I live now and have met some wonderful people whom have become dear friends…but my family is too far away and it saddens me. I want to be able to stop by and see my niece and nephew and let the cousins play together on a moment’s notice and not a month’s planning. Calling my little brother up to join us for dinner on a weeknight is a dream. Dropping the munkees off with the Rents, so that I could enjoy an evening of cohorts & libations and not have it require a 4 hour drive: that would be ever so swell. Alas, I am stuck because Dr. D is here, and more time in court is far too big a headache.

I will, however, enjoy the family that WILL be HERE this weekend! My little brother, the Rents & my Aunt & Uncle from Jersey! Yay! So this post DOES end in a SMILE! 😀


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  1. And there is your something to be thankful for, for sure. 🙂

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