It’s Raining Men…

Feast or Famine is right. Just when I decide that I’m going on a “Man Sabbatical”….4 more fall into my lap!


One is from 17 years ago that is convinced we reconnected on facebook because we are soulmates. He wanted to fly me to Atlanta this past weekend to catch up & already has me moving out west! Ummm…slow down, mister!

Two is a pilot that lives a little bit south of me…who is FROM the town I currently reside. He’s super cute, yet not REALLY my type and I’m trying to stay away from that.

Three is a guy that I met randomly that I ended up having a few glasses of vino with. He lives across the state and is in the process of becoming a single parent himself.

Four is 5 years my junior and I met him about a week back while throwing back a few cocktails with fellow peeps at a Halloween Block Party.

Still crushing on Romeo…of course the completely unavailable guy, so it’s rather difficult to seriously consider any of these chaps. Oh…the single life. I’m a bit OVER it.


One Response

  1. Um, and WHY, may I ask, have I not heard of all these men? (except Romeo?)

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