Thanksgiving. Men. Illness.


This holiday was a mixed bag. I had grandiose plans of whipping up a divine feast to feed royalty. The Rents and Rosco were in town, along with their respective animals and I had the Munkees. However, as of wednesday afternoon, all but one of us (lucky Rosco) were “under the weather”. Fabulous. Sicklings ~ aplenty.  Suddenly, slaving behind the stove for hours, eating for 12 minutes, and then spending another 2 hours cleaning was NOT an option. We piled into the car & proceeded to Cracker Barrel. What a brilliant idea: 7 full bellies, 45 minutes, and $50 later, we were back home and free to do whatever we liked. It was a great day, minus the germ infestation. The “mixed bag” was Black Friday. Hannah (the Rents’ puppers) had been having seizures for the past few months and she had 2 in a row friday morning (while on Phenobarbital). Long story short, she was put down. It was a heavyhearted day indeed.


Let me just say: Where are all the suitable [for me] ones???  Seriously, I attract all the married, gay, juvenile, weird and overall unavailable guys. Oy. It’s not that I’m really looking, but c’mon, if it’s gonna rain men, drop down a few viable options! Sheeesh.


This is a joke. I have been sick for 5 (FIVE!!) days now. This is absurd. What gives? I rarely ever get sick…and if I “do” it’s a couple hour thing…not five damn days! I’m going to the beach. The salt air is going to kick these germs to the curb once and for all. I’m convinced. Man, I LOVE Florida.


Girls That Play Guitars…

I now have myself a cheap, crappy my very own guitar. It was a gift. It was Free. I am thankful & grateful. That’s right, I am ready to learn how to play one of these once and for all! (And then I can cross another item off my Bucket List.) Funny, Dr. D played, and he played well (I can say something positive about him)…however, he was a HORRIBLE teacher …hence I had NO desire to be taught by him..(I suppose this voids my “nice” comment. Oh well.) Through it all, I was able to play “Black” by Pearl Jam at one point…but that is sadly PAST tense.

Anyhoo, I take my [dirty, missing a peg, old stringed, out of tune] guitar to the local music shop where I meet Rock Boy. He locates a replacement peg, picks out strings, cleans, restrings & tunes my new instrument. All the while, he is chatting away, one random narrative after another. Midway through a story, he blurts out “Are you German?” A little confused, I reply. “Part. My heritage is German and Dutch.” He then says, “Woah, you girls take good care of your men. I don’t know if I can talk to you anymore.” I laugh. It’s then obvious he’s flirting with me and has become flustered, which makes me laugh even more. Now, I have a weakness for guitar playing boys as it is…and here’s Rock Boy (RB), cute (in a long-haired, rings on fingers, Affliction t-shirt, skull belt buckle kind of way), albeit young(er), trying to work some charm on me. I can’t help but smile. I decide to spray my “man repellent” aka: “I have three kids” line to watch him squirm. Nope. RB loves kids. He thinks it is “awesome” and proceeds to inquire about my munkees and to also inform me how his EX-girlfriend had a daughter, whom he ended up liking [quite a bit] more than her. An hour and a half later, I am paying and with my receipt, RB writes down & gives me his phone number and says if I have ANY questions about guitars, etc. to give him a call. He then requests mine, and being a single person who just so happens to be in need of lessons…I did. Why not?

I happily take my crappy now handsome guitar, I have affectionately named “Leo”, home.


11PM last night, my phone vibrates with a text from RB and this is how it goes:

(this verbiage)=not part of actual text.

RB: Hey knucklehead. I think it was fun to talk with you today. Ur either one of the coolest people I’ve met or a total weirdo. I can’t tell. probably a little of both?”

Me: Haha. I am the coolest I can assure you! @ <local watering hole> (Ever so humble in my drunken state)

Me again: lessons? (No beating around the bush with me)

RB: Been busy lately recording my band’s CD, but I think you might be fun to chill with. So, if you don’t act like a weirdo, we can get together & I’ll get ya started out playing. (I don’t recall giving off weirdo vibes..??)

Me: Weirdo? How am I a weirdo? (I’m confused. whatever…)

This morning he sent a text that was essentially a “Weirdo Recant”. Hmmm…the youth today…HA!

I, this morning…was in a haze. Oy, it’s much harder to recuperate the older I get….and this havering of a blog is a testimony to that!

Can someone say: Disco Nap? 😀

MondayNESS ~ 11/24/08

Babylon ~ David Gray

You Lost It? I Found It!

I’m speaking of weight. Good god, my clothes are tight…the ones that STILL fit that is! I refuse to buy “fat clothes”. YIKES! Ok, I’m NOT fat…but I am not in the shape I was just months ago.

Three dominant culprits:

→ Late Night Binging (fare & spirits)

→ Stress

Desk Chair Potato. [much] Less Exercise

Now any of these by themselves would not pose so much of an issue, however, ALL three in conjunction: “Savored Life, we have a problem.”

triathlon123INTERVENTION! Oh yes, to combat this new found mass, I have committed myself to a Sprint Triathlon to commence in the Spring 2009. That’s right! I am going to Swim (1/4 mile ocean), Bike (10 miles) & Run (3.1 miles) it back to whatever subterranean chasm of purgatory it came from! Not to mention, I am & have been changing other recently ill~formed habits back to healthy ones! Yay!! In all seriousness, I have been meaning to complete a triathlon for more than a decade! I had even signed up for a couple over the past few years…never to follow through. This one will be different. I have training in MULTIPLE. Accountability and motivation at its finest.

On an entirely different note: I have three “starving” munkees and a beautiful day beyond these walls to be wholly enjoyed with them, so I am signing off.

Until next time…


Being a single parent is a task in itself, but when compounded with the fact that I have ZERO family in my city, it’s downright rough (more emotionally than anything else) sometimes. The majority of my family lives 2.5 hours away! 😥 When I was married and a stay-at-home mom, I could travel anytime I wanted; Now that I’m a single mommy, it’s economically stressful to constantly be on the go with the kids. I miss my brothers, parents, aunt, cousins and all respective children terribly. Being a family-oriented individual, I always envisioned all of our munkees, the next generation, growing up together as we did. This several times a year Mumbo Jumbo is heartbreaking. Truly.


As Thanksgiving approaches, I am naturally reflecting more on this. I am hosting Dinner this year and I am ever so excited! However, my older brother and his family have been estranged from the rest of my immediate family (not me) for YEARS and thus will not be here. Another heartbreak. I swear, I truly am an anomaly on many fronts and it especially rings true in regard to MY family. I love them all, but sheeesh…there comes a time when the pride, stubborness and grudge holding need to be checked at the door. Permanently. Life is too short and precious for all this BS! I digress…

Plain and simple: I wish I lived back on the other coast. I LOVE the area I live now and have met some wonderful people whom have become dear friends…but my family is too far away and it saddens me. I want to be able to stop by and see my niece and nephew and let the cousins play together on a moment’s notice and not a month’s planning. Calling my little brother up to join us for dinner on a weeknight is a dream. Dropping the munkees off with the Rents, so that I could enjoy an evening of cohorts & libations and not have it require a 4 hour drive: that would be ever so swell. Alas, I am stuck because Dr. D is here, and more time in court is far too big a headache.

I will, however, enjoy the family that WILL be HERE this weekend! My little brother, the Rents & my Aunt & Uncle from Jersey! Yay! So this post DOES end in a SMILE! 😀

Maybe That Bridge Needed to Be Burned

« Rewind.

It’s May, I’m on a plane to Boston to visit LeBlon (when she lived there) and I start chatting up this older gentleman (aka: *Mogcom) sitting next to me. Being the extrovert I am and my interest in people in general, we talk about life generalities and the basics on personal fronts. He’s married with 3 older daughters, I’m a single mom with 3 young munkees. We have great conversation and it turns out, he was on a business trip introducing a new product into the marketplace. Said product is rather interesting to me, and being on the lookout for an actual career as opposed to the part~time turned full~time job that I’ve had since getting released from the grasp of Satan divorced, I was attentive! (Preface: since the age of 21, I’ve essentially been a stay~at~home wife/then mom)

So, Mogcom informs me that at a (soon approaching) later date, Company of aforementioned product will be looking for reps and would I possibly be interested. Well, of course I may possibly be interested! I get Mogcom’s business card and wish him well on his last leg back home.

» Fast Forward.

It’s July. I touch base with Mogcom to keep the lines open. He gets me in touch with HR and I’m up for this position. Turns out, the territory is the SE, covering 7 states. Great for single, childless person, not so much for single mom. It’s okay, the nature of the field will guarantee a Florida Only rep when company really gets going. They will keep in touch with me.

» Fast Forward.

It’s October. Mogcom contacts me. He’s in my neighborhood on a sales call and wants to get together to discuss Company direction, product & new viable position for me. Rad. Considering he’s not from here, I pick him up at his hotel and off to dinner we go. He informs me how excited he is to actually have dinner with another person, as he’s been traveling extensively. We talk over dinner, but I feel him “making eyes” at me, which is starting to become awkward. Afterwards, he wants to hang out. In fact, he invites me up to his room! WTF? Ummm….I decline. He sends me a text, thanking me for my time and he’ll be in touch in regard to this new position. I rationalize: “okay, he was just being friendly, I’m sure he didn’t want to do the nasty with me. He’s married with children. He’s lonely and just wants company.” Plus, this new position would be local, perfect for my situation and I wouldn’t have to see Mogcom on a regular basis. I wasn’t ready to burn that bridge.

< Yes…I KNOW what you ALL are thinking…>

• Last Night.

Mogcom contacted me a week ago, informing me again he’ll be in town and wanted to get together. Thinking strictly business, I agree. We meet at a local pub. I notice he is NOT wearing his wedding ring and the indent on his ring finger is FRESH. ~Red Flag~ I immediately decide that one beer is ALL I will be having (and I will be eating as well). We talk about business somewhat, in which I am constantly bringing the subject back to. Mogcom then proceeds to tell me that he’s been thinking about me a lot since we met and that the physical attraction is undeniable. ~Freak Alert Siren~ I am [more than] ready to go. I resist the urge to be “rude” and bolt. He gets up, leaves money on the bar and stands behind me waiting for change. He proceeds to rub my back‽‽ I jump up, telling him I need to get home and clean my digs. He offers to help‽‽ Aaaah!! (Why am I sooo frekkin’ nice? Run, girl, run!) I beeline it to my car. He grabs me, hugs me and tries to KISS me! Holy shizz, I’m shocked. I blurt out “I have a boyfriend!” (still TRYING to be nice but get him away from me) He goes on to say I never told him I had one and that I led him on…blah blah blah…to which I LAUGH and do so HYSTERICALLY. “Are you kidding me‽ I most certainly have not! I believe you are quite mistaken!” I reply. He’s not amused. I care none in the least. He wishes me “Good Luck” and before he can utter another word I am in my car and driving away. OMG!! Did all that really happen‽

Yeah, it’s safe to say that bridge is burned…and am I ever relieved it is.

*Mogcom ~ Married. Old. Guy. Coming. Onto. Me.

MondayNESS ~ 11/17/08

Celebration ~ Kool & The Gang