Credit to the Inspiration

Just props and linkage love to QTMama and the inspiration for my “Urban Word of the Time Being”: BlueTool. I’ve used it ever since I read her post and I laugh EVERY time! Thanks, girl! Hope your jaunt to FL was Fantabulous!


MondayNESS ~ 10/27/08

Love…Love…Love this song: Couldn’t choose between the album or acoustic version…so ya get BOTH!. Happy Monday to you!

Lost! ~ Coldplay

Lost! (Acoustic) ~ Coldplay

Puddle Jumping

Splish * Splash

Splish * Splash

Rain, rain and MORE rain. The last several days have been nothing but. Mouse and I decided that TODAY, we were venturing out into the beautiful downpour and playing to our heart’s content. I adore these times… precious moments that I can share with my wee one; where I can BE three again and throw all adult notions out the window!  FREEDOM.  :O)
If you don’t already: Everyone should take a time out every now and again of the hustle & bustle of daily  LIFE and recapture the days of their youth!

MondayNESS on Thursday…ooops ~ 10/23/08

Maybe We Should Fall in Love ~ Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers


Sometimes, I could swear I am the most distracted person alive. LeBlon knows this ever so well about me and posted this on my facebook wall:

I love LeBlon.

MondayNESS ~ 10/6/08

Hide & Seek (Acoustic) ~ Imogen Heap

Giddy Girl

Romeo will be HERE in less than 2 weeks. ‘Nuff said.