Oh, the Anticipation…

[Photo courtesy of irps.ucsd]

Photo courtesy of irps.ucsd

In less than two weeks, this buoyant little mama will be breathing Pacific Coast air! Oh yes, the Bay Area & Wine Country are beckoning me & I have already been forewarned that I will not want to return east. (My munkees are here…of course I’ll want to come home!) This jaunt has been “in the works” or shall I say “on The List” for several years now, and in 3 days shy of a fortnight, it shall BE. Romeo is my gracious host & tour guide, with virtually my entire schedule while there, being a surprise! (The only tidbit I do know, is a day of wine tasting followed by a Harvest Dinner in Napa will be relished. YUM.) Romeo is keeping the agenda thoroughly under wraps, with not even a glimpse of a hint of what’s to come. (no matter how much I beg & plea) I LOVE IT! I don’t REALLY want to know, I truly want to be oblivious to the program. For Serious! He and I are going to have BIG, BIG fun…as we are kindred spirits on the “Live Life” front.

Now, I just need to contain myself for the following 12 days….


3 Responses

  1. Containment is freaking hard. I know the feeling! I leave for Vegas on the 20th – Irishman here I come!

  2. Wow, have fun!! It might even be warm out here when you land. Indian Summer appears to be in the works…

    >> Thanks! Perfect….I much prefer the heat!

  3. I don’t think you want to breathe any air that’s in California… 😛

    …Just kidding, Cali’s a great place, but I still prefer the East Coast…

    Have a safe and fun-filled round trip.

    >> Thank you! Yes, I too, am oh so fond of my east coast home..

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