I bethink the days when my munkees were wee little ones…..swaddled, bundles of love, wholly dependent on me; When I could remain for hours, cradling them in my arms, gently stroking their heads and just watch them sleep. Miracles. Children are incredible miracles. These were blissful moments in time. Now, with the hustle and bustle of my single-parent life; amongst school, sibling rivalry, breakfasts, lunches & dinners, homework, school functions, extracurriculars, cleaning, work & everything else…these junctures aren’t as prevalent. Certainly the fact that they are 3, 5 & 7 and “big kids” now, plays a considerable role. However, at 7:30pm (the weeknights with me), we slow the gears, snuggle for story~time; and when they’ve drifted off to the Land of Nod, these moments are reclaimed.

Today, I took a siesta with Mouse. I held her in my arms as I did when she was an infant and stroked her hair until she fell fast asleep. Wow. Being a parent ROCKS!


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  1. I can NOT believe you’re a single mom with three. How in the world do you do it? I bet you have a million pointers for those of us who just have one. I just admire you so much.

    And yes, it does ROCK, doesn’t it?

    P.S. Just added you to my blog roll, but the page is down at the moment. Will be fixed soon and you’ll be on it!

    >> I’m like Nike…I Just Do It! haha. Thank you, the feeling is mutual! It so ROCKS! And thank you for the add! YAY!

  2. It DOES have it’s moments doesn’t it! 🙂 I love my sit down and chill moments with littleman…’s times like those that some memories are made of.

    >>Absolutely! Being the “last one out the chute” (haha) she is the tag-a-long…but, NOT when her siblings are at school!! LOVE this time…though it’s going by too fast…

  3. Sometimes I wonder if three would be better than one. They have eachother as much as they do you. And that rocks too.

    >>They DO entertain each other…however, it’s 3 times the chaos!…which I love…and payback for my childhood I’m sure! (I’m the middle child)

  4. Good God. I’m afraid to get a second dog – and he doesn’t even talk back.

    Kudos to you on raising three little ones and loving it – they are lucky to be so well loved!

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