Red Wine & Whisky

It’s my weekend with the munkees and I had conceded to a quiet friday night of reading blogs & cleaning house (oooooh…the recipe for Ultimate Excitement). HA. Well, so much for what I thought…come 11:25pm

(several texts combined & tweaked for interest’s sake)

LJ: “whatcha doin chica?”

Me: “trying to clean.”

LJ: “yeah sure, what? the computer screen? haha”

Me: “No Bioootch, my kitchen. Come over? Wine?”

LJ: “I’ll get some. red or white?”

Me: “whatever”

LJ: “K. see you soon”

Roughly 40 minutes later, LJ graces my kitchen toting a brown paper bag concealing the bottle of Clos Du Bois Merlot the bartender at our frequent watering hole has generously gifted to her/us. A wine buzz developing, our chat, like clockwork, defaults to Men. Presently, neither one of us are involved & those inquiring, aren’t of the “sparking” variety. She’s been dabbling in the internet dating scene, and is detailing several men she’s been conversing with. Being the dutiful friend that I am, I insist on “checking out” these prospects. Her membership is with JDate. (She is Jewish, but apparently you don’t HAVE to be and not all are…interesting.) Log In, we do. Holy cannoli, LJ’s a JD Ho! There are delicious dudes on here….and one she’s chatting up is a Yummy Pie! By now, the bottle is dry and I’m scouring my digs for additional spirits. 1/4 bottle of Crown Royal. That’s all I have. Not again. (We’d been down this road before, but what other choice did we have?) Whisky on the rocks it was…as we had no mixers either. [back to the men] Yeah…the one guy is a hottie. She informed: “he’s a player” (admitted by him firsthand, despite the profile content stating otherwise..hmmmm) “Okay, so he’s a player,” I state, “Let’s play”. We text this guy teasers of trash talk …laughing hysterically the entire time. (such little schoolgirls) No response. However, her phone starts buzzing with messages from a different sender. Suddenly, she’s engrossed in that conversation. Luckily, Romeo was online and I start my own little exchange….By 3am [EST], all parties are fading conscious-wise and another bottle of booze has been polished off. I crawl into bed. Lights out. This morning, LJ’s Player messaged her, requesting pictures. hahaha…. I wasn’t feeling so hot. Another friday night for the books.


4 Responses

  1. Sounds fun, girls night out, scouring for guys… 😆 I bet you girls felt like school-girls again. 😀

    I’ve just finished writing about some more tasty bites, most are quick-n-easy and can be done in 15 minutes. Please check it out, and comment on what you think. Thanks, I appreciate it.

    >> Oh yeah, only it was a GNI (girl’s night IN!) Heading over to your site….

  2. Thanks for the visit and comments, I look forward to future visits by you, and I’ll be doing the same here. You’re like a TV Show, without all the bad advertising (hope that doesn’t offend you). 😆

    >>You’re welcome & Thank you! No offense taken (virtually impossible to do anyhow…) 🙂

  3. Love it! This is what my friend and I do too – wine and online dating binges.

    SO funny.

    >> Oh…the binges…followed by the “fasting”…and so the cycle continues.

  4. What is it about online dating that makes it so that you MUST share the profiles with your friends? LOL

    >> Cuz that’s what REALLY makes it FUN! (& she’s a “pro”…)

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