The Black Hole

Aka: The internet. Ha. I sit here, fresh page…eyes wide and affixed to my computer monitor, inaugural blog just itching to be written and published. Yet, all I can focus on is the ramblings of my 3 munkees taking place on the floor above me. I should be upstairs, books in hand, snuggled up in bed with the three greatest accomplishments I have ever had. School is back in session. 8pm IS their bedtime….however, here I sit, sucked into the online abyss. With zero minutes left on the “countdown~to~bedtime” clock, I must pull myself away and tend to my mommy duties…..

And so begins my life on wordpress.


3 Responses

  1. WOW. And what an amazing first entry. Love it… “sucked into the online abyss,” keep it up and it may become your online bliss, addiction, therapy, muse – all rolled into one.

    Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Welcom to the blog world !!


    >>Thank you. Happy to be here!

  3. I agree w/ singlemama’, with a first post like that you’ll do great. When I was younger, I used to soooo happy when you moms used to get distracted before bedtime 😆 . I’m sure the munkees are feeling the same way….haha

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