Red Wine & Whisky

It’s my weekend with the munkees and I had conceded to a quiet friday night of reading blogs & cleaning house (oooooh…the recipe for Ultimate Excitement). HA. Well, so much for what I thought…come 11:25pm

(several texts combined & tweaked for interest’s sake)

LJ: “whatcha doin chica?”

Me: “trying to clean.”

LJ: “yeah sure, what? the computer screen? haha”

Me: “No Bioootch, my kitchen. Come over? Wine?”

LJ: “I’ll get some. red or white?”

Me: “whatever”

LJ: “K. see you soon”

Roughly 40 minutes later, LJ graces my kitchen toting a brown paper bag concealing the bottle of Clos Du Bois Merlot the bartender at our frequent watering hole has generously gifted to her/us. Continue reading


Mom’s Best Friend

Mr. Clean & his Magic Eraser.






…and wine.

Pulling Teeth

School. The dreaded 6 letter word to my 5 year-old. Just the mention of it sends my little man into a full-fledged melt-down. The whining, crying and absolute refusal to cooperate are in brute force. The sweet little boy that woke up cheery and loving , has morphed into this rebellious monster…and this is the SECOND week of Kindergarten! From ten minutes after waking, it’s a struggle getting him dressed to out the door. Now, somewhere between buckling his seatbelt and the closing of the garage door, a magical transformation ensues and all is right in his universe again….bizarre.


Motivation. Motivation to clean has been severely lacking in my world these days. There was a time, in the not so distant past, that I was an OCD cleaning fiend. Perhaps I realized that in the Grande Scheme of things, an immaculate home was not priority one….however, it creates anxiety within me. I can honestly say that I am not an easily stressed or anxious person, but disorder in my dwelling knocks me off even keel. Somehow, as of late though, it’s NOT been enough to get me in gear… Not until the kids are at Dr. D’s, do I transform this place to the pristine pad that makes my brain smile….

The Black Hole

Aka: The internet. Ha. I sit here, fresh page…eyes wide and affixed to my computer monitor, inaugural blog just itching to be written and published. Yet, all I can focus on is the ramblings of my 3 munkees taking place on the floor above me. I should be upstairs, books in hand, snuggled up in bed with the three greatest accomplishments I have ever had. School is back in session. 8pm IS their bedtime….however, here I sit, sucked into the online abyss. With zero minutes left on the “countdown~to~bedtime” clock, I must pull myself away and tend to my mommy duties…..

And so begins my life on wordpress.